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29 Third St.

Sandbags around 29 Third St., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Sandbags line the perimeter of 29 Third St.

21 Third St.

Lake Ontario encroaches on 21 Third St., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Flood waters encroach on the back of 21 Third St, just off of the Cove.

29 Third St.

29 Third St., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

A chromed bell cover reflects 29 Third St.

6 Third St.

6 Third Street, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

6 Third St. rests under a snow load after a February snowfall.

10 Third St.

10 Third St., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

10 Third Street lies under a blanket of heavy snow during the winter of 2008.

15 Third St.

15 Third St., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

15 Third St. lies covered in snow after a heavy winter storm.

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There’s an awful lot of material in the Lagoon Report, and it can be hard to get your feet on the ground.  There are a few ways to get started: 1.  Search.  There’s a search field in the upper right-hand corner of every page.  Simply punch in your search criteria like beaver or Third St. […]

Yellow Blast

Early spring flower, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

One of the earliest flowers to emerge spreads its yellow petals against the still winter-brown groundcover on Third St.

Lagoon Report XVI, August 10 2010

Lagoon Report XVI August 10, 2010 New Horizons — July in August We’ve been dealing with a back injury here at the Lagoon Report, so we’re behind the times and just getting to the July edition — in August. It’s been a grand summer so far. Ducklings are probably the photo used for the Webster’s […]

34 Bayview Ave

34 Bayview Ave, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Water rises on Third St. before emergency sandbag efforts helped redirect the massive pump on Bayview Ave.