Errors, Omissions, and Privacy

Errors & Omissions

The Lagoon Report is currently being upgraded, so a lot of things are being moved around.  If something has been moved into the wrong category, has been labelled or identified incorrectly, or simply looks wrong, drop Sean an e-mail and he’ll set it right.  See an image of a painted turtle that’s been labelled a map turtle?  Let us know.


The people and residences of the Toronto Islands are, broadly, part of the Lagoon Report’s subject matter.  Where people are concerned only first names are used, and photos of houses are always taken from a distance.  If you have any questions or concerns about a photograph that you see, let Sean know.

Toronto Island Community, Ward's Island, Toronto IslandsAbove: a majority of the Toronto Island community comes out for a group portrait on Gala Day 2008.