Grow Op 2018

Grow Op 2018 Banner, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
Grow Your Mind at Grow Op 2018!

Dive deep into Art, Design + Nature at the Gladstone Hotel’s Grow Op 2018: After the Flood

All four floors of the Gladstone Hotel will be taken over by plants, moss, overflowing water, bumble bee nectar pods, nuclear waste, fig trees and more for Grow Op 2018 this April 18-22!

Grow Op is a four day festival that will transform the hotel with 30+ immersive installations that celebrates innovative ideas and conceptual responses to urbanism, environmental sustainability, landscape design and contemporary art. Think Allan Gardens meets Come Up to My Room!

What lies beyond once the floodwaters recede? What emerges once the smoke clears? As cataclysmic climate events multiply in tandem with our species’ continuously expanding footprint, we are re-conceiving our relationships with the organic and inorganic world around us in unprecedented ways! Grow Op 2018 employs the tools of art, craft and design to question our conceptions of urban and wild curated by Christine Leu and Alan Webb of LeuWebb Projects with Lukus Toane.

Grow Op Events 2018, Gladstone Hotel, Toronto

Grow Op 2018 Curators: Christine Leu and Alan Webb of LeuWebb Projects

Grow Op 2018 Participants: Allison Home-Douglas + Bohden Tymchuk, Ryan Phyper, J. Damron, Dawn George, Emily Guo, Emily Jan, [R]ed[U]x Lab, Eureka League (Doug Donald, Claire Ironside + Ruth Spitzer), Teresa Mak, Annette Hegel + Deborah Margo, Jill Price, Hana Rotchild, Tammy Salzl, Lauren Schaffer, Adrienne Scott, Adrian Stimson, Nadia Galati + Jennie Suddick + Sara Udow, Claire Kurtin + Sneha Sumanth, Sean Tamblyn, Ryan Van Der Hout

Grow Op 2018 Jurors: Victoria Taylor Landscape Architect & Grow Op Co-Founder; Karen Miranda Abel, Artist & three-time Grow Op award winner; Ben Watt-Meyer, Landscape Architect & Grow Op award winner; Andrea Mantin, Instructor & landscape architect

Image credit (top down): Ryan Phyper, Martha Barron Griffith (2017 participant)