Lois M towing the Commissioner's St Bridge, Outer Harbour, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

Lois M

After an epic journey from Nova Scotia’s south shore through the St. Lawrence, Lois M tows the new Commissioners St. bridge through the Eastern Gap. This is the western half of the bridge, weighing in at 650 tonnes and 83 metres long. Click either image to view larger.

High winds on ice unsafe sign, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Municipal Code

High winds drive spray high over an Ice Unsafe sign in front of the Rapids Queen.

The Wagenborg ship Aragonborg sails past the flooded eastern gap, Eastern Gap, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Aragonborg II

The Aragonborg sails past the flooded southern end of the Eastern Gap.

Cold wind blowing at sunset, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

A Cold Wind

A bitter wind blows snow across the Ward’s traffic circle as the sun sets over the Rapids Queen. Click image to view larger.

Derrick barge T.H.C. 50 and the last bollard on the Eastern Gap, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Last Bollard

Derrick barge T.H.C. 50 has completed her work removing the crumbling portion of the eastern gap.  This panorama was shot on her last night moored just off of the cove.  Click image to view larger.

Lucas Oil Pitts buzzes the William Lyon Mackenzie fireboat, CIAS 2018, Canadian International Air Show 2018

Lucas Buzz II

The Lucas Oil Pitts buzzes the William Lyon Mackenzie at the Canadian International Air Show 2018. Click image to view larger.

Bow spray on ferry Ongiara, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Maid of the Mist

Ongiara impersonates the Maid of the Mist as high winds drive spray over the bow.

High winds push waves over the Rapids Queen, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Queen of the Rapids

The Rapids Queen lives up to her name as high winds hammer her hull with giant waves.  At this point the docks lining the lagoon side have already been torn loose, drifting into the lagoon to wreak havoc there.

Ferry Ongiara in high winds, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands


Ferry Ongiara makes her way across the harbour with the winds gusting to 90Km/h.  By the time she landed at Ward’s, winds were gusting over 100Km/h, forcing her to stay Island-side for over an hour until the winds subsided enough for a bumpy journey back to the city. That’s not fog by the way, that’s […]

MV William Inglis sailing on light water, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Sea of Light

Ferry William Inglis sails on a sea of light, in advance of an approaching April ice storm.

Frost flowers cover the ice in front of the Algoma Spirit, Eastern Gap, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Algoma Spirit

Frost flowers cover the ice in the Eastern gap in front of the Algoma Spirit.

Tugboat Radium Yellowknife delivering sandbags, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Radium Yellowknife

The heavy tug Radium Yellowknife dwarfs the waiting shed while delivering sandbags for ongoing operations during the Flood of 2017.

Ferry Ongiara and Bayview dike, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Sandbag Skyline

Ongiara sails past the sandbag dike on Bayview Ave.

Ferry William Inglis and Bayview Dike, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Inglis Wall

William Inglis sails past the sandbag dike on Bayview Ave.

Sandbagging on Bayview, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Bagging Bayview

Sandbag operations begin on Bayview Ave. as the William Inglis sails past.

Bulk carrier Algoma Spirit, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

Algoma Spirit

Surreal fog shrouds the Algoma Spirit in the wake of an April storm system.

Toronto ferry Trillium in dry dock with Gordon Champion

Trillium’s Last Stand II

Gordon Champion, one of the original architects of Trillium’s resurrection back in the ’70s, gives scale to Trillium at Toronto Drydock.

Toronto ferry Trillium, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Trillium’s Last Stand I

Ferry Trillium approaches Toronto Drydock, where she will be lifted from the water and placed on a barge for inspection.

Large crowds getting on and off ferry Ongiara, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Climate Change Schedule

A balmy 22°C October day shows the inadequacy of the winter schedule:  a crowd of people Island-side prevents the passengers of Ongiara from disembarking.  With only one boat running, some tourists had waited for three boats to try to leave the Island. Click image to view larger.

A huge lineup waits to board the ferry William Inglis, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The New Reality

A huge lineup of people files onto the William Inglis on a summer Saturday evening.  The lineup, beyond the capacity of the ferry, stretched around the waiting shed and halfway to the old firehall.

Traffic jam in front of ferry docks, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Harbour Jam

The Wm. Lyon Mackenzie, leaving Centre Island dock, attempts to thread her way through a traffic jam of water taxis.  Eight taxis were attempting to get into the dock (six visible here) at the same time, a serious concern for paddlers attempting to cross the increasingly busy approach. Click image to view larger.

Frost flowers in front of the Rapids Queen, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Flowers for the Queen

Frost flowers adorn the ice in front of the Rapids Queen.

Ferry Ongiara in heavy steam, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Steamy Ongiara 2016

Ongiara sails into heavy steam during a -25°C cold snap.

Jadran Captain John's under tow, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

Final Voyage (timelapse)

The Jadran, aka Captain Johns, sails out the Eastern Gap and into history after anchoring the foot of Yonge St. for nearly 40 years. 112MB MP4 video assembled from footage from five cameras.