Floodwaters reflect trees and the Toronto skyline after sunset, Olympic Island, Toronto Islands


Floodwaters reflect trees and the skyline after sunset. This is the scene from the middle of Olympic Island, where the water was deep enough to kayak clear across the island. Click image to view larger.

Melting ice balanced on groyne, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Balance of the Seasons

A mini glacier melts atop a groyne by the Centre Island pier. Click image to view larger.

Wave exploding against breakwall, Boardwalk, Toronto Islands

Boardwalk Fury

A giant wave explodes against the boardwalk breakwall during an April ice storm, sending spray high into the air.  It was like walking the base of Niagara falls – I’m still drying out.

Epic sunset, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Epic Sunset

An April storm system rolls through Toronto, leaving an epic sunset in its wake (click image to view larger).

Snowy owl on ice, Outer Harbour, Toronto Islands

Snowy Striations

A snowy owl rests  on the ice south of the boardwalk, by Snake Island.

Log Ness Monster entombed in ice, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The Log Ness Monster

Tyler’s Log Ness Monster lies entombed in ice at the end of Ward’s Beach, after a week of cold temperatures and high wind.

Ice sculpture formation, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The Forming

Waves break against the navigation light at the end of Ward’s beach in -20°C weather, building up layers of ice to form a new version of this previous ice sculpture.

Ferry William Inglis in ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Early Ice-in

William Inglis makes her way through a frozen inner harbour, approaching Wards Island.

Venus and Jupiter conjunction with star and aircraft trails, Gibraltar Lighthouse, Toronto Islands

A Modern Classic

Venus and Jupiter swing together in conjunction past the Gibraltar Point lighthouse.  Together with star and aircraft trails, they form a unique ceiling of light over the oldest existing lighthouse on the Great Lakes.

Traffic circle unforest, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The Unforest

Christmas trees haunt the traffic circle before the annual Equinox bonfire of 2012.

Coyote staredown, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Staredown on Brown

A coyote, blending in perfectly with the browns of early Spring, stares down the camera by the filtration plant.

Ice sailing and ferry Ongiara, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands


Ice sailing under winter clouds on the frozen inner harbour, as the Ongiara sails past. Click image to view larger.

Aircraft trails over Toronto skyline, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Porter Painting

Aircraft streak through Toronto’s night sky in a three-hour combined exposure.  It certainly looks like there’s been a marked increase in air traffic since this similar image taken back in March.

Napping mallard ducklings, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Gimme Shelter

A mallard duck naps on a log with her three young ducklings.

Ice covered sign, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

No Access

Signs and trees lie entombed in ice at the end of the boardwalk after a wicked winter storm in 2004.

Black ice panorama, Toronto Outer Harbour, Toronto Islands

Distant City

Zeke and a friend light up the fabled black ice of 2005, seen here at sunset about half a kilometer off of the boardwalk. Click image to view larger.

Blackbird eggs in nest, Trout Pond, Toronto Islands


The nest of a red-winged blackbird reveals four unhatched eggs, suspended among the reeds in the Trout Pond.

Northern pike underwater, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Painterly Cruising

A signature photograph for the FishEYE II:  a northern pike cruises its spawning grounds, waiting for the water to warm up to about 9°C to start the main event.  The lagoons are still frigid, hovering around the 5-6°C mark.

Northern pike, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Pike Poise

The rule of beginner’s luck seems to be a photographic constant:  deploy new gear to the field, and invariably something interesting will happen.  At least the first time, after that you might get nothing for weeks. This marks the first deployment of the FishEYE II, a.k.a. ‘Mr. Floaty’, an update to the original FishEYE I […]

Flowering Snowdrop, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Snowdrop Rain

Fresh from a March rain, a lovely early snowdrop prepares to flower on Third St.

Beaver teeth, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Beaver Teeth

A beaver displays bad manners chewing with its mouth open and covered in food, tasty branches pulled into the waters off Ward’s Beach.

Winter beaver, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


A beaver, awkward on land, pushes its way through the snow on Ward’s beach.

Ward's beach geyser, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Old Faithful

Another Ward’s beach geyser erupts into strong sidelight.  After each session of shooting in -18°C weather, the cameras would be coated in ice and require careful defrosting for several hours near a constant heat source.

Great egret in flight, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Tuck and Stretch

A great egret stretches its wings, taking flight near Doughnut Island.