12 for 2012

Crayfish Delight

A mink pauses momentarily on its way to dinner with a delectable crayfish, which it will consume  entirely except for the legs.

Coyote, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

November Stance

A wild coyote strikes a pose in the late November twilight near Centre Island.

Great Egrets, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Kissing Booth

A great egret shields its mate from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

Greater Scaup, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Greater Scaup

The shockingly yellow eyes of a Greater Scaup, here comfortably perched on a log, peer back at the camera.

31 Seneca Ave, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

The New Style

Twilight settles over the 2012 Toronto skyline as seen from the front lawn of 31 Seneca Ave.

Willow Square mosaic unveiling, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Willow Square 2012

Volunteers and organizers come out to celebrate the unveiling of the magnificent Willow Square mosaic, marking the transition from what was  often a garbage transfer station on Wednesdays to an exceptional public space. Thanks guys, the WIA has never looked so lovely.

Toad in wall, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


An unlikely toad sets up shop in Barb’s garden wall.

Black-crowned night heron moonlight silhouette, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Moon Heron II

A black-crowned night heron stands in perfect silhouette against reflected light from the rising full moon.

Painted turtle riding on another turtle's back, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Hitching a Ride

A young turtle improbably basks on the back of another turtle.  The large fellow here is also the largest turtle in this photograph.

Venus and Jupiter conjunction with star and aircraft trails, Gibraltar Lighthouse, Toronto Islands

A Modern Classic

Venus and Jupiter swing together in conjunction past the Gibraltar Point lighthouse.  Together with star and aircraft trails, they form a unique ceiling of light over the oldest existing lighthouse on the Great Lakes.

Traffic circle unforest, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The Unforest

Christmas trees haunt the traffic circle before the annual Equinox bonfire of 2012.

Wild turkey, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Endless Thanksgiving

A first look at an Island wild turkey foraging in the underbrush.