Baby It’s Cold Outside

Ice sculpture formation, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The Forming

Waves break against the navigation light at the end of Ward’s beach in -20°C weather, building up layers of ice to form a new version of this previous ice sculpture.

Ice volcano eruption, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Unfocused Eruption

Boardwalk and Centre Island pier, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Distant Pier

Ice and waves are driven under a hard westerly wind, looking west towards the Centre Island pier from Ward’s Island beach.

Photographer on ice mountains, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Double Double

A photographer stands on the edge of an ice volcano.  A risky place to stand, the edges can have an inconsistent density, and can easily collapse under a human’s weight.

Climbing ice mountains, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Beach Mountaineering

Islanders go mountaineering on Ward’s beach, giving a sense of scale to the amount of ice built up in just over a day.

Ice covered breakwall, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


The navigation light on the breakwall at the end of Ward’s beach, coated in ice, points the way to heavy steam coming off of Lake Ontario.

Mallard duck on ice floe, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

Duck Floe

A female mallard relaxes on a small ice floe floating in the eastern gap.

Wards beach covered in ice, Wards Island, Toronto Islands

Mars Beach

The sun sets on Ward’s beach, unrecognizable under a thick layer of ice more like a glacier than a freshwater beach.

Frozen breakwall, Wards Island, Toronto Islands

World’s End

Ice covers the breakwall at the end of Ward’s beach during the deep freeze of January 2014.

Freezing eastern gap, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Eastern Horizons

Heavy ice floats in the eastern gap during high winds in January, 2014.