Lagoon Report I

Bonfire, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Christmas Nuke

A 180° panorama of a well-aged Christmas tree going up in 30-foot flames during the annual Spring Equinox bonfire on Ward’s Beach.  It’s astounding how much potential energy is stored in a small tree after drying out for three months.

Flowering snowdrop, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Bug’s Eye View

A bug’s eye view of a flowering snowdrop, not more than three inches from the ground and yet still caught in the light of the setting March sun.

Black-crowned night heron, Centre Island, Toronto Islands


One of the first black-crowned night herons to return to the Toronto Islands in 2008 was the first – and so far still the only – night heron that I’ve seen banded, someone’s program somewhere is tracking this guy. If anyone has any information as to the program, please contact me.

Black-crowned night heron, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Red Return

One of the first black-crowned night herons to return in 2008 near Doughnut Island, looking very well fed after its long migration.

Painted Turtle, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Lazy Reflections

The first painted turtle of 2008 basks on a log in the strengthening sunlight of late March.  There’s still ice on the water at this point, and I’m always amazed that they can come out of hibernation at a time when full winter paddling gear is still required. Gloves, pogies, paddling jackets and PFDs are […]

Great blue heron, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Neck Plumage

A newly-returned great blue heron displays its wonderful breeding plumage near Centre Island, early in the spring of 2008.

Racoon portrait, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

L’il Face

Hunter the cat, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Mighty Hunter

Hunter, one of the Island’s mighty domestic-yet-wild cats, sits back looking cool after brushing off a standard poodle and a full-sized lab on Ward’s beach.