Lagoon Report V

Great egret in flight, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Egret Flight

A great egret displays its fine wingtip feathers as it takes flight near Doughnut Island. Tagged as a b-roll shot, the angles in this photograph just didn’t come together.

Feeding great egret, Snake Island, Toronto Islands

Egret Ruffle

A great egret shows off its ability to stand every feather on end after swallowing a fish near Snake Island. Tagged as a b-roll photograph, this was taken far too late in the evening for any decent sort of light.

Great egret, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Egret Portrait

A great egret eyeballs the photographer while hunting for fish off of Long Pond.

'57 Chevy panorama, Bouchier Islands, Georgian Bay

Road to Nowhere

A rare and endangered and totally natural ’57 Chevy rusts slowly into the Canadian Shield. Tagged as related, this panorama was photographed in the Bouchier Islands, Georgian Bay.

Flowering water lily, Franklin Island, Georgian Bay

Floral Nova

A water lily flowers in near-perfect symmetry. Tagged as related, this was photographed in the mineral-rich waters off of Franklin Island, Georgian Bay.

Swimming eastern fox snake, Jones Island, Georgian Bay

Surface Tension

An eastern fox snake reflected perfectly in the calm waters of a high pressure system. Tagged as related, this fellow was photographed just south of Parry Sound. Eastern fox snakes aren’t found this far south, it’s just a shot that’s so cool I had to share.

Mass dragonfly hatching, Bouchier Islands, Georgian Bay

Bearline Airforce II

A mass hatching of dragonflies find solace on my foodline. Tagged as related, these were photographed in the Bouchier Islands in Georgian Bay, south of the Norgate Inlet.

Common loon, Parry Sound, Georgian Bay


Although extremely rare on the Island, loons can be seen migrating through — hearing their haunting call in Long Pond is a beautiful thing. Tagged as related, this loon was photographed near Parry Sound.