Lagoon Report XXVIII

Fashion shoot in snow, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Gaga Beach

You just never know who you’ll meet on Ward’s beach.

Mink on breakwall, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Boardwalk Fur

A mink pauses on the boardwalk breakwall, before heading into the pack ice between the Island and the Spit.

Old Squaw wingtip feathers, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Winging Away

An old squaw wings away from the camera, feathers outstretched.

Parasailing on ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Boys and Their Toys

What to do when winter never ends? How about parasailing on the inner harbour with a snowboard?

Napping mute swan, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Down Duvet

A mute swan tucks in against the bitter cold of the 2013-14 winter.

Trumpeter swan J06, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands


Trumpeter swan J06 walks across the ice in front of Queen’s Quay Terminal.

Ice floes and clouds, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Of Ice and Clouds

The sun sets on ice drifting by the Centre side of the boardwalk.

Ongiara in ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Boat to Nowhere

Ongiara makes her way across the harbour through the thickest ice seen in years.

X-country skiing, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Lost in the Barrens

A couple skis on the inner harbour in near-whiteout conditions.

William Lyon Mackenzie in ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Ice Race

The William Lyon Mackenzie slams past Ongiara, after helping to clear the dock of ice.

Boardwalk closed sign, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Boardwalk Closed

The ice storm makes the boardwalk treacherous, causing parks to ‘close’ it.

Sundogs over the pier, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Dog Days

Sundogs appear over the Centre Island pier.

Perfect skating ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Skating Rink

Perfect skating ice, all the way to the city.

Swans on ice floe, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Swan Lake

Swans nap on an ice floe off of the boardwalk.

Ice covered beach, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The Great Wall

The sun rises on Ward’s beach, turned into a wall of ice during the winter of 2013-14.

Ward's beach in winter, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Winter Gateway

The sun rises on a snow covered Ward’s Beach.

Ongiara Drydock

  Ongiara¬†finally makes her way into drydock, almost a month behind schedule. ¬†Pumpout of the drydock was estimated at 1-2 hours, but ended up lasting over four hours, finishing up long after dark.