Lagoon Report XXXII

Snowy Owl, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Snowy Perch II

A snowy owl perches on the ice along Ward’s beach.

Bald eagle eating a cormorant, Center Island, Toronto Islands

Eagle Overload

A bald eagle tears a hapless cormorant to shreds atop one of the new sky ride towers by St. Andrews by the Lake.  The cormorant debris field spread right across the lagoon ice to the farm.

Map turtle covered in poplar fluff, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Fluff Camouflage

Apparently we’re not the only ones cursed with poplar fluff.  Even map turtles basking in the Doughnut Island environs are susceptible.

Bulk carrier Algoma Spirit, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

Algoma Spirit

Surreal fog shrouds the Algoma Spirit in the wake of an April storm system.

Toronto ferry Trillium in dry dock with Gordon Champion

Trillium’s Last Stand II

Gordon Champion, one of the original architects of Trillium’s resurrection back in the ’70s, gives scale to Trillium at Toronto Drydock.

Epic sunset, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Epic Sunset

An April storm system rolls through Toronto, leaving an epic sunset in its wake (click image to view larger).

Toronto ferry Trillium, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Trillium’s Last Stand I

Ferry Trillium approaches Toronto Drydock, where she will be lifted from the water and placed on a barge for inspection.

Tourists in the rain, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Rainy Sunday

A surprise rainstorm on an otherwise sunny Sunday offers up a good reminder that there is almost no shelter at all on this end of the Island, a bit of a problem for tourists during the winter ferry schedule.

Melanistic Garter Snake, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Good Morning 2017

A melanistic garter snake emerges into the sunshine for the first time in 2017, after hibernating the winter away.

Saw-whet owl portrait, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Channel Saw-whet

A Saw-whet owl perches in a tree on Channel Ave.  Could it be the same owl that visited Fourth St. in 2016?

Wild coyote caught by camera trap, Doughnut island, Toronto Islands

Catch of the Day

A coyote crosses the old Doughnut bridge in the early morning hours, tripping the remote Coyote Cam for the first time.

Bald eagle in flight, Blockhouse Bay, Toronto Islands

Fly Like An Eagle

A bald eagle controls the skies over Blockhouse Bay.  Click to view larger.  Thanks to David P for the tip.