Black ice panorama, Toronto Outer Harbour, Toronto Islands

Distant City

Zeke and a friend light up the fabled black ice of 2005, seen here at sunset about half a kilometer off of the boardwalk. Click image to view larger.

Old control tower, Toronto Island Airport, Toronto Islands

Ye Olde Control Tower

Another panorama pulled from the archives, as the original Island Airport building faces an uncertain future.  This is a full panorama of the old control tower back in the winter of 2004, shot while waiting for the bus to Ward’s to arrive.  Click image to view larger.

Claudette Abrams, Flight Path, Rogue Wave 2007, Toronto Islands

Flight Path

Claudette Abrams’ Flight Path gets the polar panorama treatment during Rogue Wave 2007, turning the Ward’s Island field into its own miniature planet.

Christmas day panorama, Harbour Light, Tommy Thompson Park

Warm Christmas

An incredibly warm Christmas Day in 2004 invites a panoramic self-portrait from the tip of Tommy Thompson park, blue skies and azure waters looking more like summer than winter. Click image to view larger.

22 Lakeshore Ave., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

22 Lakeshore Ave.

22 Lakeshore Ave. sits derelict and empty in the winter of 2009, before renovations completely replaced the structure. Click image to view larger.

Toronto skyline 2003 blackout, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


The great blackout of 2003 turns the Toronto skyline to darkness in this early digital panorama, as seen from the cityside beach on Ward’s Island. (Click panorama to view larger.)

Kayaking during ice-out, Toronto Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands


An early panoramic self-portrait, kayaking on a delightful ice shelf formed during ice-out in March of 2004 as the Ongiara rumbles past. Click image to view larger.

William Inglis Sunset

Ah, the good old days: the sun sets in July 2005, back when we could actually sit at the bow and stern on the upper deck of the William Inglis.  Hopefully the Coast Guard restrictions will be dealt with soon, and the current cattle barriers can be removed post haste. (Click image to view larger.)

Toronto skyline ice panorama, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Black Ice Twilight

An inner harbour frozen solid in early February reflects the twilight hues of Toronto, as seen here between Algonquin and Snake islands. When doing this kind of shoot, it pays to have an extra battery kept handy in a warm pocket somewhere. Click image to view larger.

Launch Panorama of Discovery STS-133, Astronaut Road, Kennedy Space Centre

STS-133 Launch Panorama

Space shuttle Discovery soars into the Florida skies, as seen in this 180° panorama taken from Astronaut Road. The massive Vehicle Assembly Building can be seen on the right, and Launch Complex 39B on the left. (Click image to view larger.)

Toronto G20 skyline panorama, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

G20 Twilight

Marine security restrictions for Toronto’s G20 meeting leave the inner harbour completely empty on the eve of the summit, looking more like January than June.

Cpt. Tom on the Ongiara, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Cpt. Tom

A gem from the archives: it’s January 2004, and the temperature has just plummeted by over 20°C. Plastic shatters, pipes burst, and hydraulic lines fail.  Without hydraulic pressure, the crew of the Ongiara are unable to raise the Ward’s Island dock, effectively trapping the ferry Island-side. For two hours everything was tried, including something enterprising […]

VAB Panorama, Cape Canaveral, Florida

VAB Panorama

Space shuttle Atlantis, STS-132, soars into a clear Florida sky on her ‘first final flight’.  This is a 180° panorama taken from the roof of NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building, showing the sprawling space complex and the myriad swampy waterways that crisscross the area. Click the image to view larger.

Foggy Toronto skyline panorama, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Rorschach Twilight

Toronto’s skyline glows in the hues of twilight in this January panorama.  The inner harbour is just beginning to freeze, forming ice marring an almost perfect reflection.  Lake-effect clouds also formed during the shoot, obscuring the CN Tower’s iconic shape.

Toronto skyline panorama, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Solstice Sunset

The sun sets on 2009′s summer solstice, the harbour conspicuously empty of ferry boats during the civic strike.

Toronto skyline panorama, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Empty Spaces

Shooting this panorama from my perch on Centre Island, the changing shape of the skyline struck me: I could count 22 construction cranes in the sky, and within a couple of years many of the empty spaces currently visible will be filled in by new development. As recently as 2003, there was almost nothing to […]

Toronto skyline panorama, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Solstice Sunset

The moon sets on the Toronto skyline, the entire panorama lit evenly as the sun sets east of the Harbour Castle on the longest day of the year.

'57 Chevy panorama, Bouchier Islands, Georgian Bay

Road to Nowhere

A rare and endangered and totally natural ’57 Chevy rusts slowly into the Canadian Shield. Tagged as related, this panorama was photographed in the Bouchier Islands, Georgian Bay.

Cloudy Toronto skyline panorama, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Mischievous Cloudbank

A spontaneous cloudbank forms over the inner harbour, then breaks off and drifts over the city, engulfing the Toronto skyline in an etherial layer of mist.

Bonfire, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Christmas Nuke

A 180° panorama of a well-aged Christmas tree going up in 30-foot flames during the annual Spring Equinox bonfire on Ward’s Beach.  It’s astounding how much potential energy is stored in a small tree after drying out for three months.

Toronto skyline panorama, Center Island, Toronto Islands

City of Lights IV

A perfectly calm inner harbour reflects the lights of Toronto’s brilliant skyline. This panorama is available as a special 8×18″ panoramic print, see Boutique Pricing for details.

Toronto Island Community, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Island Community 2008

A majority of the Toronto Island community comes together for a group portrait on Gala Day, 2008. This panorama is available as special 36″ or 48″ wide panoramic prints, see Boutique Pricing for details.