Lois M towing the Commissioner's St Bridge, Outer Harbour, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

Lois M

After an epic journey from Nova Scotia’s south shore through the St. Lawrence, Lois M tows the new Commissioners St. bridge through the Eastern Gap. This is the western half of the bridge, weighing in at 650 tonnes and 83 metres long. Click either image to view larger.

Rocks balanced on bollard, Eastern Gap, Ward's Island, Toronto Islans


A fanciful balancing act on a bollard on the Eastern Gap.

New Year's Eve sunset, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

FU 2020

Sunset on New Year’s eve 2020 over the Eastern Gap. A beautiful end to a tough year.

Snow fence and Montessori shed, Ward's Island, Toronto Island

Snow Fence

A dusting of snow caps the snow fence and Montessori shed on Ward’s.

Flooded firehall, 235 Cibola Ave., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

235 Cibola

The lagoon floods Cibola during the Flood of 2019, creating a perfect reflecting pool for the new firehall.

Floodwaters encroach on number 4 Channel Ave., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Four Channel Ave

Floodwaters encroach on 4 Channel Ave. during the flood of 2019.

Fall colours on Fifth St., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Fireworks on Fifth

Fall colours light up Fifth St on a gorgeous November day.

Nature's Sandbox by Thelia Sanders-Shelton, Rogue Wave 2018, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Nature’s Sandbox

Nature’s Sandbox, a Rogue Wave 2018 installation by Thelia Sanders-Shelton.

Deconstruction of the breakwall, eastern gap, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Bollard No More

PortsToronto (née the Toronto Port Authority) has begun removal of the northern portion of the eastern gap breakwall.  Here the upper surface has been reduced to rubble, which will get moved to the south side of Tommy Thompson park.  You can view it prior to demolition here and here.

Wild peacock portrait, Flood of 2017, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Peacock Blues

The escaped peacock, unofficial mascot of the Flood of 2017, has taken to roosting on Freya’s roof.

Flooded Bayview Ave, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Bayview Ave.

Flooded Bayview Ave, looking west towards Fourth St.

32 Bayview Ave, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

32 Bayview Ave.

Layers of sandbags try to protect 32 Bayview Ave. amidst major pumping operations.

34 Bayview Ave, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

34 Bayview Ave

Water rises on Third St. before emergency sandbag efforts helped redirect the massive pump on Bayview Ave.

Flooded QCYC Clubhouse, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Infinity Pool

Sandbags create a perfect infinity pool in front of the QCYC clubhouse.

Flooded 31 Seneca Ave, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

31 Seneca

31 Seneca Ave reflects perfectly in the floodwaters of 2017.

Flooded patio set, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Table For Two II

Sometimes humour is the best way to deal with a dire situation.  Thanks, Ken.

Floodwaters and sandbags in front of 3 Seneca Ave, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

3 Seneca

Sandbags line the road in front of 3 Seneca Ave. as the harbour waters continue to rise.

Sandbags on Seneca Ave, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Seneca Sandbags

Sandbags line Seneca Ave as the harbour creeps towards the houses.  Today waves were almost washing over the break wall, raising the spectre of damage should high winds from the west start up.

Flooded pathway to the AIA, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

AIA Pathway

The pathway leading to the AIA is submerged by the encroaching harbour waters.

7 Nottawa Ave, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Little Red Door

Floodwaters advance on 7 Nottawa Wyandot Ave.

Erosion under the change room, Center Island, Toronto Islands

Changeroom Erosion

The waves are eroding the foundations of the change room at the base of the pier on Center Island, putting the entire structure in peril.

Flooded Gibraltar lighthouse, Gibraltar Point, Toronto Islands

Gibraltar Reflections

The lagoon has reached the lighthouse, and is just a few inches below the doorway.

Sandbags around 29 Third St., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

29 Third St.

Sandbags line the perimeter of 29 Third St.

Sandbag dike on Bayview Ave., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Bayview Dike

Sandbags line the shoreline at Bayview and Sixth streets.