HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Long exposure aircraft trails over Toronto skyline, Wards Island, Toronto Islands

The Longest Night 2019

Aircraft streak over the Toronto skyline on the longest night of the year, winter solstice 2019. Click image to view larger.

Flooded eastern gap at sunset, Flood of 2017, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Edge of Forever

The southern end of the eastern gap is completely underwater.  East winds and boat wake now drive waves inland, with almost no protection from what used to be a high concrete barrier.

31 Seneca Ave, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

The New Style

Twilight settles over the 2012 Toronto skyline as seen from the front lawn of 31 Seneca Ave.

Aircraft trails over Toronto skyline, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Porter Painting

Aircraft streak through Toronto’s night sky in a three-hour combined exposure.  It certainly looks like there’s been a marked increase in air traffic since this similar image taken back in March.

Space shuttle Endeavour under xenon lights, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

A Xenon Endeavour

Space shuttle Endeavour, shortly after rollback of the Rotating Service Structure, sits bathed in Xenon lights for the final time.

STS-133 Xenon Lights, LC-39A, Kennedy Space Centre

Discovery Xenon

High-powered Xenon lights illuminate space shuttle Discovery on the launch pad at LC-39A after rollback of the Rotating Service Structure, for STS-133’s first launch attempt in November of 2010.

Eastern Gap breakwall, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

End of the Road

The breakwall that defines the eastern gap continues to crumble into the inner harbour.  Here a lonely bollard awaits its fate, many of its siblings already lying submerged beneath the icy waters.