Wm. Lyon Mackenzie, Toronto Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Lyons & Ducks

The Wm. Lyon Mackenzie plows through February ice, as ducks swim in a small lead of open water steaming in the -20°C air.

Infrared view of space shuttle Endeavour, STS-134, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

Infrared Preview

An infrared view of the final launch of space shuttle Endeavour, as seen from the dike road at Kennedy Space Centre.  The External Tank turns white in infrared, harking back to the early days of the Program when the ET was originally painted white. This is an unfinished image, the final image processed from RAW […]

Great Willow, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Monumental Willow

The Great Willow glows in the near-infrared, the sky turning almost jet-black under a cold January high pressure system.

Snug Harbour in infrared, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Snug Harbour IR

Snug Harbour glows in the eerie light of infrared.