The Eyes Have It

Trumpeter Swan P24, Muggs Island, Island Yacht Club, IYC, Toronto Islands

Meet Molson

Meet Molson, more blandly known as Trumpeter Swan P24.  Molson was hatched at Wye Marsh as part of their Trumpeter Swan program two years ago.  All the hatchlings were named after breweries, hence the name Molson. Personally, I’m waiting for a flock of microbrews to migrate through at the end of the season.

Saw-whet owl portrait, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Channel Saw-whet

A Saw-whet owl perches in a tree on Channel Ave.  Could it be the same owl that visited Fourth St. in 2016?

Great egret closeup showing eye refraction, Snake Island, Toronto Islands


The eyes of a great egret sit far out on the sides of its head, enough to show visible refraction through the cornea.  The highlight on the lower-right side of the eye is light passing through, but not into, the eye. Click image to view larger.

Greater Scaup, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Greater Scaup

The shockingly yellow eyes of a Greater Scaup, here comfortably perched on a log, peer back at the camera.

Face of a snapping turtle, Blockhouse Bay, Toronto Islands

Uncommon Eyes

The distinctive eye and beak of a large snapping turtle, seen here surfacing in Blockhouse Bay.  I spent a wonderful hour floating over this fellow, watching him (her?) hunt through the late-summer plant life on the bottom of the lagoon.

Garter snake eye, Ward's Island, Toronto islands

Eye of the Beholder

A ridiculous array of Kenko extension tubes — 68mm worth — opens up a garter snake’s eye to fill almost the entire frame.

Tundra swan, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Tundra Stopover

A lone tundra swan, easily identifiable by the yellow spot in front of its eyes, stands on thinning ice near Algonquin Island.  Rare to see hereabouts, it could have been seperated from this group that flew overhead previously. (Click image to view larger.)

Columbus, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Little Silver Buddy

Another portrait of beautiful Columbus, posing for the camera like an ancient Egyptian feline deity.

Robin, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Robin Lashes

The delicate details of a robin’s face exemplifies the sharpness of Canon’s EF 300mm f/4 prime telephoto.

Mourning dove, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Mourning Chilling

A mourning dove relaxes in the half-grass of spring, with a closeup of its wonderful facial feathers and catchlight.

Melanistic garter snake, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Polar Reflections

The jet-black eye of a melanistic garter snake reflects the photographer and bystanders under a clear spring sky.

Goose portrait, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Blue Eyes in the Shade

The wonderful blue eyes of a male goose lurking in the shade near Doughnut Island.