Bald eagle in flight, Blockhouse Bay, Toronto Islands

Fly Like An Eagle

A bald eagle controls the skies over Blockhouse Bay.  Click to view larger.  Thanks to David P for the tip.

Snowy Owl, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Island Snow

A snowy owl perches on the rocks at the end of Ward’s Beach in late November twilight.

Saw-whet owl in tree, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Fourth Saw-whet

A northern saw-whet owl perches in a tree on Fourth Street. Thanks to Peter N for the tip and Peter H for the tripod assistance.

Male wood duck in eclipse plumage, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Wood Eclipse

A male wood duck in eclipse plumage graces Long Pond near Doughnut Island.

Killdeer, Blockhouse Bay, Toronto Islands


The cartoonish proportions of a Killdeer on the shores of Blockhouse Bay.

Canada Goose on hidden nest, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Green Mother

A rare Canada Goose mother sitting on a nest pokes her head up through the greenery near Doughnut Island.  2016 has been a great year for ducklings, but we have very few goslings and absolutely no cygnets.  The total number of nests was down significantly this year, and the last (failed) mute swan nest was just abandoned […]

Great egret closeup showing eye refraction, Snake Island, Toronto Islands


The eyes of a great egret sit far out on the sides of its head, enough to show visible refraction through the cornea.  The highlight on the lower-right side of the eye is light passing through, but not into, the eye. Click image to view larger.

Mallard Ducklings, Snake Island, Toronto Islands

Ducklings Prime

The first crop of 2016 mallard ducklings sit in the grass of Snake Island.

Mature black-crowned night heron, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Red Eye Delight

The piercing red eye of a mature black-crowned night heron, perched in a tree by Doughnut Island.

American Wigeon, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

American Wigeon

An American Wigeon plies the waters off of Doughnut Island in the Spring of 2016.

American Coot on ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

American Coot

From the sasquatch files, an unexpected surprise:  an American Coot perches on the ice off of Ward’s Dock in February 2016.  A complete B-Roll shot, this was late in the evening with absolutely no light.

Mixed ducks in open ice leads, Outer Harbour, Toronto Islands

Dividing Lines

Mixed rafts of ducks swim in open ice leads off of Centre Island.

Mute swan in open ice leads, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Mute Horizontals

A mute swan swims through open leads in the ice off of Centre Island.

Robin on Valentine's Day, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Eye on the Prize

A robin wonders why it’s here during a -25°C cold snap on Valentine’s Day, 2016.

Sharp-shinned hawk backlit by setting sun, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands


A sharp-shinned hawk eclipses the setting sun near Sunfish cut.

Sharp-shinned hawk with prey, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Lord of the Skies

An adult Sharp-shinned hawk lords over a hapless pigeon by Far Enough Farm, preparing to eviscerate it. Sharp-shinned and Cooper’s hawks are very similar in appearance, I’m going with Sharp-shinned here because the feathers on the crown almost merge with the back feathers.

Mute swans sleeping on ice, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Where’s Waldo?

Mute swans snooze the afternoon away on the snowy ice off of the boardwalk towards Centre Island.

Snowy owl on ice, Outer Harbour, Toronto Islands

Snowy Striations

A snowy owl rests  on the ice south of the boardwalk, by Snake Island.

Great Horned Owl, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Oh Those Eyes

A great horned owl gazes down from a tree on Fourth St.

Great Horned Owl Portrait, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Red Eye Flight II

A great horned owl sits in a tree on Fourth St.  A quick pop of the camera flash turns the pupils red, like an inverted night heron whose eyes are predominantly red.

Barred owl in sunlight, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Sunshine Love II

A barred owl basks in the sun at the base of the Algonquin Island bridge, one of those Island where-were-you-when moments.

Barred owl, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

The Loneliness of Being

A barred owl glances downward as a Parks Gator drives by, the most concern it showed for hours as it snoozed in a tree on Algonquin.

Barred owl in fir tree, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Perch on Blue

A barred owl perches in a fir tree at the base of the Algonquin Island bridge, completely unconcerned by the crowd gathered below.

Yawning barred owl, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Barred Yawn

A barred owl interrupts a snooze in the sun to yawn loudly.  Well, as loud as an owl ever is, which is virtually silent.