Red-winged Blackbirds

Blackbird eggs in nest, Trout Pond, Toronto Islands


The nest of a red-winged blackbird reveals four unhatched eggs, suspended among the reeds in the Trout Pond.

Female blackbird, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

On Guard For Thee

Blackbird and Supermoon, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Super Moonsong

A freshly returned blackbird sings to an almost full “supermoon“, adding his voice to the rising cacophony of the wet meadow in springtime.

Blackbird chicks, Trout pond, Toronto Islands

Mother’s Eye View

Three blackbird chicks open up, mistaking anything that moves above them for their mother.

Blackbird chick, Trout pond, Toronto Islands

Gaping Maw

A blackbird chick opens wide for its next meal.

Feeding blackbird chick, Trout pond, Toronto Islands

Peeking Through

A remote camera catches a blackbird chick waiting for feeding, seen through its mother’s legs.

Singing Blackbird, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Sing Your Heart Out

A blackbird, back on the Island for another season, sings its heart out in the Ward’s wet meadow.

Blackbird chicks in nest, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Ringside Seat

Blackbird chicks, their eyes finally open, await their next feeding.

Blackbird chicks in nest, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands


Three blackbird chicks, eyes not yet fully open, rest in their nest.

Blackbird chick, Trout Pond, Toronto Islands

60 Million Year Old Baby

A blackbird chick sleeps in its nest, waiting for another meal to be delivered by its parents.

Blackbird silhouette, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Silhouettes of Spring

Unseasonably high water levels in Spring made it possible to kayak in the wet meadow on Ward’s.  Amid the deafening cacophony of nesting blackbirds, this soon-to-be-mother posed in perfect silhouette on one of last year’s reeds.