Baby raccoons on balcony, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Raccoon Jenga

Juvenile raccoons act like Jenga pieces after being rudely awakened from a summer snooze.

Racoon on roof, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Rooftop Bandit

Racoons are back on Third St., the little bandits running roughshod over the rooftops at night.

Raccoon in kitchen, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Kitchen Coon

From the it-always-pays-to-have-a-camera-around department, a film oldie but a goodie.  During foundation replacement, this fellow managed to find a way in.  Finding the cat food bowl, he proceeded to hoover back as much as fast as possible, waking me up at about 2:00 in the morning.  Turning on the kitchen light, he jumped eight feet […]

Raccoon, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands


A furtive raccoon, standing in the water, peers around a log in the July twilight.

Juvenile racoon, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

High ISO Cutie

Testing the limits of Canon’s 5DmkII high-ISO performance, ISO 25,600 captures a baby racoon in the dark hollow of a willow tree 45 minutes after sunset. Not useful for print or colour work, it is an interesting look into sensor technology to come.

Juvenile racoon multi-exposure, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Entrail Spaghetti

A juvenile racoon, in fact this fellow, sucks back a tasty morsel from a long-dead carp near the IYC as if it were designer Italian pasta.

Juvenile racoon, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Seafood Snack

A juvenile racoon enjoys a sunset snack on a long-dead carp (and I do mean long-dead, the stench was overwhelming) near the IYC.

Racoon portrait, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

L’il Face