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Racoon on roof, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Rooftop Bandit

Racoons are back on Third St., the little bandits running roughshod over the rooftops at night.

Sharp-shinned hawk backlit by setting sun, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands


A sharp-shinned hawk eclipses the setting sun near Sunfish cut.

Curious Mink, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Little Mink Feet

A curious mink perches on a rock by the old fire hall.

Sharp-shinned hawk with prey, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Lord of the Skies

An adult Sharp-shinned hawk lords over a hapless pigeon by Far Enough Farm, preparing to eviscerate it. Sharp-shinned and Cooper’s hawks are very similar in appearance, I’m going with Sharp-shinned here because the feathers on the crown almost merge with the back feathers.

Great Horned Owl, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Oh Those Eyes

A great horned owl gazes down from a tree on Fourth St.

Great Horned Owl Portrait, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Red Eye Flight II

A great horned owl sits in a tree on Fourth St.  A quick pop of the camera flash turns the pupils red, like an inverted night heron whose eyes are predominantly red.

Large beaver on ice, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


A large beaver rests on the ice near the RCYC, feeding on branches close to holes kept open in the thick lagoon ice.

Barred owl in sunlight, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Sunshine Love II

A barred owl basks in the sun at the base of the Algonquin Island bridge, one of those Island where-were-you-when moments.

Barred owl, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

The Loneliness of Being

A barred owl glances downward as a Parks Gator drives by, the most concern it showed for hours as it snoozed in a tree on Algonquin.

Barred owl in fir tree, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Perch on Blue

A barred owl perches in a fir tree at the base of the Algonquin Island bridge, completely unconcerned by the crowd gathered below.

Mink on breakwall, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Boardwalk Fur

A mink pauses on the boardwalk breakwall, before heading into the pack ice between the Island and the Spit.

Old Squaw wingtip feathers, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Winging Away

An old squaw wings away from the camera, feathers outstretched.

Parasailing on ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Boys and Their Toys

What to do when winter never ends? How about parasailing on the inner harbour with a snowboard?

Napping mute swan, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Down Duvet

A mute swan tucks in against the bitter cold of the 2013-14 winter.

Trumpeter swan J06, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands


Trumpeter swan J06 walks across the ice in front of Queen’s Quay Terminal.

Great blue heron portrait, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands


Feather details of a great blue heron in Snug Harbour.

Northern map turtle, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Map Time

2013 was a very good year for map turtles, their numbers have increased significantly.  Here a tiny turtle, about four inches long, basks on a log in Snug Harbour.

Great egret wing underside, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Inside Job

A glimpse of the underside of a great egret’s wing, preening itself off of Doughnut Island.

Mute swans fighting, Blockhouse Bay, Toronto Islands

Crystal Skies

A mute swan, fighting another male, sprays water far and wide during the struggle.

Mute swan defensive posture, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands


A mute swan assumes a defensive posture against the deep shadows of September.

Cormorant with catfish, Blockhouse Bay, Toronto Islands

Eye to Eye

A cormorant prepares to swallow a catfish whole, after a long but ultimately futile struggle.

Canada Goose Tag XC54, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

New Bling

Canada Goose XC54 shows off her new neck tag, while sitting on her nest near Doughnut Island.

Nuthatch, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Early Arrival

One of the first arrivals of Spring 2013, a cedar waxwing (thanks Rob!) perches on a branch by the boardwalk.

Common Goose, Centre Island, Toronto Islans

Ol’ Blue Eyes

Taking a break from screeching like a broken car alarm, a goose shows off its stunning blue eyes on Centre Island.