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Phone booth at water's edge under stormy skies, Gibraltar Point, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Spare a Quarter?

A Bell phone booth sits at the water’s edge by Gibraltar Point under moody skies. Official Ontario provincial government satellite data shows the water 140 feet further out – a stark reminder of just how high the water levels are heading into 2020. Click image to view larger.

Floodwaters reflect trees and the Toronto skyline after sunset, Olympic Island, Toronto Islands


Floodwaters reflect trees and the skyline after sunset. This is the scene from the middle of Olympic Island, where the water was deep enough to kayak clear across the island. Click image to view larger.

Melting ice balanced on groyne, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Balance of the Seasons

A mini glacier melts atop a groyne by the Centre Island pier. Click image to view larger.

Derrick barge T.H.C. 50 and the last bollard on the Eastern Gap, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Last Bollard

Derrick barge T.H.C. 50 has completed her work removing the crumbling portion of the eastern gap.  This panorama was shot on her last night moored just off of the cove.  Click image to view larger.

Seneca Ave with Toronto skyline during Flood of 2017, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Seneca Pump Reinstated II

Seneca Ave after sunset during the Flood of 2017 and again in 2018. Click image to view larger.

Equinox Bonfire 2018, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Equinox Bonfire 2018

Another fantastic night on the beach, celebrating the spring equinox in true Island style.

Pumping operations on Seneca Ave at sunset, Toronto Island Flood, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Seneca Pump I

Soon their voices will be silenced:  the big red pumps have droned on for over a month now, working hard to keep the lake at bay.  This pump graces Seneca Ave during a late June twilight. Click image to view larger.

Equinox Bonfire 2015, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Equinox Bonfire 2015

A few images from the Spring Equinox bonfire of 2015, another lovely night on the beach. 

Ferry William Inglis in snow and ice, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

A Wintery Inglis

Islanders wait to board the William Inglis in a December snowfall. Click image to view larger.

Maeve fire dancing, Ward's Island, Toronto Island

Flaming Hoops

Maeve lights up the night with her flaming hula hoops at the 2013 Equinox Bonfire.

Willow Square mosaic unveiling, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Willow Square 2012

Volunteers and organizers come out to celebrate the unveiling of the magnificent Willow Square mosaic, marking the transition from what was  often a garbage transfer station on Wednesdays to an exceptional public space. Thanks guys, the WIA has never looked so lovely.

Toad in wall, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


An unlikely toad sets up shop in Barb’s garden wall.

Toronto skyline panorama framed by tree silhouettes, Olympic Island, Toronto Islands

Winter Bones I

Barren trees on Olympic Island perfectly frame a December twilight over Toronto.

Foggy Toronto skyline panorama, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

One Foggy Night II

The Toronto skyline floats in the sky, sandwiched between dense cloud and fog, in 2008. Click image to view larger.

Jacquey Malcolm & Anne Bourne, Hydro-Glyph, Rogue Wave 2007, Toronto Islands

Cello Fan & Picnic Setting

A trumpeter swan joins in the picnic-like setting at Sunfish Cut for Jacquey Malcolm and Anne Bourne’s cello performance for Luisa Milan’s Hydro-Glyph.

Black Ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Day Ice

Scrubbed clean by high winds, the inner harbour is nothing but black ice all the way to the city.

Bruce Smith's Phoenix Rising, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Phoenix Rising

Bruce Smith’s stunning Phoenix becomes a blazing beacon for the new year at the AIA’s 2009 New Year’s Eve Dance (Thanks Bruce!).

Equinox bonfire, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Conflagration III

Spring equinox, and the humans come out to perform their annual rituals on Ward’s Beach. Oddly, the trees had a different burning pattern this year: their thermal columns were much shorter. Compare to this tree at last year’s equinox bonfire (thanks Alice!).

Smoke on the Water, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Smoke on the Water

A long exposure (somewhere on the order of two minutes) turns the raging whitewater of the outer harbour into mist on a stormy fall night in 2009.

Smirnoff Snowman, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Smirnoff Snowman II

A close view of the boardwalk’s Smirnoff Snowman, and his novel way of staying warm on cold winter days.

Smirnoff Snowman, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Smirnoff Snowman I

A snowman on the boardwalk finds a unique way to stay warm on cold winter days.

Sleeping cats, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Bro Men

Tigger and Marble wile away a long summer afternoon, dealing with their stressors as only felines know how.

Toronto skyline panorama, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Empty Spaces

Shooting this panorama from my perch on Centre Island, the changing shape of the skyline struck me: I could count 22 construction cranes in the sky, and within a couple of years many of the empty spaces currently visible will be filled in by new development. As recently as 2003, there was almost nothing to […]

Toronto skyline panorama, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Solstice Sunset

The moon sets on the Toronto skyline, the entire panorama lit evenly as the sun sets east of the Harbour Castle on the longest day of the year.