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2018 community portrait panorama, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Community Portrait 2018

The rain came down, the wind howled, but the intrepid crew of the beer garden remained undaunted.  It’s already been ten years since the first modern community portrait in 2008, and fives years since the last in 2013, my how time flies.  Thanks to all who braved the elements!  It looks like the next community […]

Toronto sunset skyline panorama, Center Island, Toronto Islands

City of Lights V

The city skyline glows on an epic March night.  Click image to view larger.

Jimmy joking with people at the back of the Jimmy Jones Express, Gibraltar Point, Toronto Islands

JJ Style

Jimmy jokes with the peanut gallery at the back of the bus aboard the Jimmy Jones Express. Click image to view larger.

Manuel in bus driver chic on aboard the Jimmy Jones Express, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Bus Driver

Not to be outdone by Jimmy’s Bomber style, Manuel shows off his Bus Driver aesthetic aboard the Jimmy Jones Express. Click image to view larger.

Jimmy in the middle of the crowded Jimmy Jones Express, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Jimmy in the Crowd

Jimmy tells stories to the crowd at the back of the Jimmy Jones Express. Click image to view larger.

Jimmy Jones explains the history of a memorial bench, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Bench Talk

Jimmy Jones explains the history of a memorial bench on Centre Island to the assembled crowd of the Jimmy Jones express. Click image to view larger.

Memorial plaque for Ted Dinsmore, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

In Memoriam

The memorial plaque for Ted Dinsmore at the base of a tree on Centre. Click image to view larger.

Toronto skyline panorama during earth hour 2016, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Earth Hour 2016

The camera causes the Toronto skyline to glow deceptively brightly during Earth Hour 2016.  While it wasn’t obvious that many people turned out their home lights for the hour, it is the one hour a year where no corporate logos are lit.  Besides the CN Tower and Skydome being dark, the CIBC, Scotiabank, TD, Westin, […]

Icy sea monster, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Dragon Eyes

Tyler’s Log Ness Monster gets icy during a cold snap on Valentine’s Day 2016.

Toronto skyline reflected in black ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Toronto Iceline 2015

Almost perfect black ice on the inner harbour reflects the Toronto skyline, lit by the incredible blue of a January day.  Get out your skates. Click image to view larger.

Ice debris on boardwalk, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Boardwalk Mayhem

Ice and tree debris litter the boardwalk after the ice storm of December 2013.

Toronto Island Community Portrait 2013, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Island Community 2013

Where were you on August 5, 2013?  Five years after the last community portrait, Islanders came together for a special panorama marking the 100th anniversary of the Ward’s Island Association.  If you couldn’t make it, mark your calendars:  the next portrait will be taken on Monday, August 6, 2018. Click image to view larger.

Equinox bonfire, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Equinox Firelight 2012

A huge crowd assembles on Ward’s beach for the annual Equinox bonfire.  Thanks for the potatoes, Alice!

Venus and Jupiter conjunction with star and aircraft trails, Gibraltar Lighthouse, Toronto Islands

A Modern Classic

Venus and Jupiter swing together in conjunction past the Gibraltar Point lighthouse.  Together with star and aircraft trails, they form a unique ceiling of light over the oldest existing lighthouse on the Great Lakes.

Traffic circle unforest, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The Unforest

Christmas trees haunt the traffic circle before the annual Equinox bonfire of 2012.

Jack Layton carved pumpkin, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


Inese and Mike’s fabulous Jack-O-Layton lights up Hallow’s Eve, 2011.

Sunrise twilight panorama of Toronto skyline, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Golden Hour I

Sunrise on the Toronto skyline yields lovely pastel contrasts as seen from Centre Island in this 2011 update to the skyline series.  The Port Lands still remain conspicuously absent from the image, but the sky cranes are moving steadily eastward:  how many years until this is a historical photograph?

Willa's Summoning, Gala Weekend 2011, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Gala Weekend 2011 – The Fire

Special thanks to Sam for taking over duties as Fire Master this year. Willa managed to summon the spirit of the bonfire, you can see it looking back at her in image #5.

Shadowland's Chickens, Gala Weekend 2011, Ward's Island

Gala Weekend 2011 – The Parade

Shadowland’s parade and show in the field for Gala Weekend 2011.  Those stilted chicken costumes were just fabulous.

Shadowland fire reveal, Fire Parade 2010, Toronto Islands

Velo D’incendie

Shadowland’s car sculpture is reborn as a bicycle in the flames of the Fire Parade 2010 bonfire.

Distant Beast, Fire Parade 2010, Toronto Islands

Le Monstre Marin

Kathleen’s floating sea monster lantern, repaired after massive damage suffered in 2009, haunts the shores of Ward’s Beach during Fire Parade 2010.

Fire Herons, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Fire Herons

Kathleen’s wonderful heron lanterns light the way on Ward’s Beach for Fire Parade 2010.

Martha, Fire Parade 2010, Toronto Islands


Martha and Ivy hoop it up in front of the 2010 Fire Parade’s bonfire.

Fire performer, Fire Parade 2010, Toronto Islands

Faceful-O-Goodness & Overhead Twirl

Fire performers strut their stuff during the annual Fire Parade of 2010.