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Ongiara Drydock

  Ongiara finally makes her way into drydock, almost a month behind schedule.  Pumpout of the drydock was estimated at 1-2 hours, but ended up lasting over four hours, finishing up long after dark.

Channel and Fifth after a heavy snowfall, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Snow Day

Tractor treads mark the sidewalk at Channel and Fifth St. after so much snow fell in 2008 that farm equipment had to be brought in to help. Click image to view larger.

Jimmy Jones clears the street, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Thoroughly Jones

Obviously unsure of the concept, the inestimable Jimmy Jones can’t decide which tool to use after a heavy Ward’s Island snowfall.

Kayaking in winter ice, Inner harbour, Toronto Islands

Icy Horizons

Playing in broken harbour ice under glorious January skies.

Aircraft trails over Toronto skyline, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Porter Painting

Aircraft streak through Toronto’s night sky in a three-hour combined exposure.  It certainly looks like there’s been a marked increase in air traffic since this similar image taken back in March.

HMCS Montreal, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

Dangerous Love

HMCS Montréal, a Halifax-class frigate, passes through the eastern gap after Labour Day weekend and the Toronto International Air Show.

Women's Fascinators, Gala Weekend 2011, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Gala Weekend 2011 – The Women’s Fascinators

Some of the Women’s Fascinator 2011 challengers. Click panorama to view larger.

Rick's Fascinator, Gala Weekend 2011, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Gala Weekend 2011 – The Guy’s Fascinators

The Men’s Fascinator 2011 challengers.

Willa's Summoning, Gala Weekend 2011, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Gala Weekend 2011 – The Fire

Special thanks to Sam for taking over duties as Fire Master this year. Willa managed to summon the spirit of the bonfire, you can see it looking back at her in image #5.

STS-135 Atlantis rollover and astronauts, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

Fab Four

The final four astronauts of the space shuttle program (from left to right Mission Specialist Rex Walheim, Commander Chris Ferguson, Pilot Doug Hurley, and Mission Specialist Sandy Magnus) walk with space shuttle Atlantis during rollover, moving the shuttle from the OPF (Orbiter Processing Facility) to the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) for lift and mate with […]

10 Third St., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

10 Third St.

10 Third Street lies under a blanket of heavy snow during the winter of 2008.

Marcia Crist and Andre McConnachie, Rogue Wave, Rogue Wave 2007, Toronto Islands

Rogue Wave

Andre McConnachie and Marcia Crist’s wonderfully cheeky Rogue Wave waves at the Toronto skyline during Rogue Wave 2007.  (Click image to view larger.)

30 Bayview Ave., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

30 Bayview Ave.

30 Bayview Ave. sits awash in August sunset light, with Jay’s wonderful flowers lining the walkway.

Martin ice kayaking, Toronto inner harbour, Toronto Islands

Ice Martin

Martin chills next to an ice floe during a glorious day in 2007.

38 Lakeshore Ave., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

38 Lakeshore Ave.

Snow blankets the gate in front of 38 Lakeshore during the winter of 2008.

Claudette Abrams, Flight Path, Rogue Wave 2007, Toronto Islands

Flight Path

Claudette Abrams’ Flight Path gets the polar panorama treatment during Rogue Wave 2007, turning the Ward’s Island field into its own miniature planet.

22 Lakeshore Ave., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

22 Lakeshore Ave.

22 Lakeshore Ave. sits derelict and empty in the winter of 2009, before renovations completely replaced the structure. Click image to view larger.

Final launch of space shuttle Endeavour, STS-134, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

Across The Pond

Space shuttle Endeavour streaks toward the clouds as photographed by a remote camera set up on Kennedy Space Centre’s dike road.

Space Shuttle Discovery TPS, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

Belly of the Beast

Waiting for launch of space shuttle Endeavour, a tour of the Orbiter Processing Facility takes the wideangle lens underneath space shuttle Discovery, her thermal protection tiles stretching off to the distant nose gear.

Toronto skyline airplane trails, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


A two-hour stacked exposure turns the late-March Toronto skyline into a fine web of aircraft trails.  The Island airport can be seen at the left of the image, glowing with its myriad of takeoffs and landings. Porter Airlines can be seen following their usual east-wind takeoff pattern, from the airport directly to the top-right side […]

Equinox bonfire, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Spring Light

The spring equinox bonfire ushers in the season in fine style — thanks Alice! Shifty winds kept the flames low from most of the trees, only a few came close to equaling the height of some previous years.  Still, you can’t beat curling your toes in warm sand after a long cold winter.

Equinox Bonfire, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


Shifty winds grab the equinox bonfire, making this a more difficult-than-usual evening for the fire performers.

Space shuttle Discovery and ISS over pier, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Future Perfect

Capping a perfect mission and tracking southward, space shuttle Discovery (left) and the International Space Station (right) disappear into orbital sunset over the Centre Island pier, 16 hours before Discovery’s final landing at Kennedy Space Centre.

Launch of Discovery STS-133, LC-39A, Kennedy Space Centre


Space shuttle Discovery reaches for the sky on her final mission, consuming over 20,000lbs of propellant every second. Coincidentally, the Ongiara’s maximum vehicle load just happens to be 20,000lbs, which the shuttle consumes every second.