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Equinox Bonfire 2018, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Equinox Bonfire 2018

Another fantastic night on the beach, celebrating the spring equinox in true Island style.

Long exposure aircraft trails over Toronto skyline, Ward's Island, Toronto Island

The Longest Night 2018

Aircraft streak over the Toronto skyline in a multi-hour exposure.  Click image to view larger.

Standing room only on the Jimmy Jones Express, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Standing Room Only

It’s standing room only aboard the Jimmy Jones Express. Tickets sold out at an unprecedented rate. Click image to view larger.

Jimmy Jones Express stops at the plaque for Ted Dinsmore, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Centre Stop

The Jimmy Jones Express stops under piercing blue skies on Centre to hear about the memorial plaque for Ted Dinsmore. Click image to view larger.

Manuel points out the next stop on the Jimmy Jones Express, Center Island, Toronto Islands

Next Stop

Manuel points out the next stop on the Jimmy Jones express, just passing the pier at Centre. Click image to view larger.

Jimmy Jones Express final stop, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Hanlan’s Above Water

The Jimmy Jones Express hits the final stop at Hanlan’s Point.  Hanlan’s at this point in time is still high and dry, the Flood of 2017 still only a future memory. Click image to view larger.

Jimmy Jones holding copy of Torontos Riviera of Yesteryear, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Riviera of Yesteryear

Jimmy Jones holds up a copy of Toronto’s Riviera of Yesteryear at the final stop of the Jimmy Jones Express. Click image to view larger.

Equinox bonfire 2016, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Equinox Bonfire 2016

Another fabulous evening on the beach courtesy of Alice, and John Jackman who spent days collecting all of the trees.  The fire potatoes will be back next year.

Frost flowers in front of the Rapids Queen, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Flowers for the Queen

Frost flowers adorn the ice in front of the Rapids Queen.

Tree covered in steam frost, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Frost Tree

Frost from harbour steam completely covers a tree on first street.

Frost flowers cover the frozen inner harbour, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Valentine Flowers for T.O.

Frost flowers carpet the inner harbour all the way to the city after a -25°C cold snap.  Happy Valentine’s Day, Toronto.

Twilight hockey game on lagoon ice, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

A Rare Game

One of the few Island hockey games of the 2015/16 winter season, during a cold snap that finally froze the ice to a reasonable thickness.

Forming ice, Outer Harbour, Toronto Islands

China Shop

Lake Ontario begins to freeze between the Island and the Leslie St. Spit.

Pancake ice in the Cove, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Pancake Cove

Pancake ice forms in the Cove during a -25°C cold snap.

Wind blasted ice near QCYC, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Queen City Wind Tunnel

If you walk to Algonquin every day, then you know exactly what this means when it’s -25°C.

Eastern gap under heavy steam and frost, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Eastern Steam Bath

Steam and frost shroud the Eastern gap during a -25°C cold snap.

Breakwater covered in ice, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Breakwater Dusk

Dramatic lake effect clouds shroud Lake Ontario as it freezes in -25°C temperatures.

Jadran Captain John's under tow, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

Final Voyage (timelapse)

The Jadran, aka Captain Johns, sails out the Eastern Gap and into history after anchoring the foot of Yonge St. for nearly 40 years. 112MB MP4 video assembled from footage from five cameras.

Early March Snowdrop, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


One of the first Snowdrops to grace 2015 prepares to flower on Sixth St.

Equinox Bonfire 2015, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Equinox Bonfire 2015

A few images from the Spring Equinox bonfire of 2015, another lovely night on the beach. 

Ferry Ongiara first docking of 2015, Wards Island, Toronto Islands

Oh Beautiful Boat

Ongiara makes the first successful docking of 2015 at Ward’s Island, on March 18.  This was a trial run without passengers, but heralds a potential return to service after four brutish weeks of commuting through the Island Airport.

Ice from winter 2014-15 finally melting, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

News from the Gap

Finally, some good news from the winter of 2014-15:  the Eastern gap is finally starting to break up.  

Toronto skyline reflected in black ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Toronto Iceline 2015

Almost perfect black ice on the inner harbour reflects the Toronto skyline, lit by the incredible blue of a January day.  Get out your skates. Click image to view larger.

6 Third Street, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

6 Third St.

6 Third St. rests under a snow load after a February snowfall.