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Kayaking in early morning ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Harbour Dawn

After going through Hanlan’s and the airport for almost six weeks in 2004 the ice was pretty thick, and the City contracted out one of the largest tugs in the harbour to break up the ice as much as possible. After six weeks of relative silence the crunchy tinkling sound woke me up, in time […]

Toronto Island Community on the ferry Ongiara, Toronto Islands


Time warp back to 2004, and a sudden cold snap breaks the Ward’s dock hydraulics, trapping the Ongiara in place for several hours. The legendary ingenuity of the Island community came to the fore, assuming that having everyone run from one end of the boat to the other might shift it enough to get free […]

Kayaking on an ice floe, Inner harbour, Toronto Islands

Cool Place To Park

Perching on one of the last intact ice floes of 2004, looking for panoramic photo opportunities. Click image to view larger.

No Sleep 'Til Bedtime, Talent Night 2005, Toronto Islands

No Sleep ‘Til Bedtime

David photographs Zeke and friends during their Talent Night 2005 performance of No Sleep ‘Til Bedtime.  (Click image to view larger).

Old control tower, Toronto Island Airport, Toronto Islands

Ye Olde Control Tower

Another panorama pulled from the archives, as the original Island Airport building faces an uncertain future.  This is a full panorama of the old control tower back in the winter of 2004, shot while waiting for the bus to Ward’s to arrive.  Click image to view larger.

Christmas day panorama, Harbour Light, Tommy Thompson Park

Warm Christmas

An incredibly warm Christmas Day in 2004 invites a panoramic self-portrait from the tip of Tommy Thompson park, blue skies and azure waters looking more like summer than winter. Click image to view larger.

Toronto skyline 2003 blackout, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


The great blackout of 2003 turns the Toronto skyline to darkness in this early digital panorama, as seen from the cityside beach on Ward’s Island. (Click panorama to view larger.)

Kayaking during ice-out, Toronto Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands


An early panoramic self-portrait, kayaking on a delightful ice shelf formed during ice-out in March of 2004 as the Ongiara rumbles past. Click image to view larger.

Cpt. Tom on the Ongiara, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Cpt. Tom

A gem from the archives: it’s January 2004, and the temperature has just plummeted by over 20°C. Plastic shatters, pipes burst, and hydraulic lines fail.  Without hydraulic pressure, the crew of the Ongiara are unable to raise the Ward’s Island dock, effectively trapping the ferry Island-side. For two hours everything was tried, including something enterprising […]