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Barbara Klunder's Up From The Ashes design, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Phoenix Rising

New Year's 1989, DJ Joanna Kidd, Algonuin Island, Toronto Islands

Original Vinyl

Joanna spins vinyl in 1989 when it was hip, before it was hip again.

1989 AIA Rebuilding Crew, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

AIA Rebuilding Crew 1

An intrepid crew demo and clean up the fire damage of the AIA in 1989. from left to right are Barry, Carl in behind, Joanna, and Jerry behind the tripod.

1960s era AIA Clubhouse, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

The AIA in the 60s

1989 AIA Rebuilding Crew, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

AIA Rebuilding Crew 2

Let’s see. Is that Dwight, Leida, Jerry, Terry, David, and Carl?

1989 AIA Rebuilding Crew, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

AIA Rebuilding Crew 4

Is that Rocky photobombing a discussion between Barry, Martin, and Grahame?

Fire scorched piano, AIA Clubhouse, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Scorched Piano

People playing Pokemon Go at night, Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, Toronto

Pokémon Ferry Day and Night

Also from the New Reality Department:  the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal is a new destination for players of Pokémon Go.  The top image, taken around 4:45p, shows people milling around outside the ferry docks, all playing Pokémon Go.  The bottom image, via Instagram, shows the scene at midnight. The original Instagram post can be found […]

Ice damage to Ongiara prop, ferry docks, Toronto Islands

Unlucky Clover

Not much remains of one of Ongiara’s props after the winter of 2014-15:  only one blade is left.  Heavy harbour ice sheared all of the other blades clean off.  The damage is much worse than this image, taken during the winter of 2011-12. Image provided by one of the deckhands.

Island airport bus schedule, Feb 19 2015

Island Airport Bus Schedule

It’s enough to strike terror into any Islander’s heart.  Someday real soon now, we’ll look back at this and laugh. NOTE:  This is not necessarily the most current schedule.  This is the schedule as of February 19, 2015.  For further updates, don’t bother with the official Toronto ferry website, they can’t be bothered to update the schedule.  Lame. […]

CBC web article, Feb 15 2015, Toronto ferry ice issues

In the Media

CBC tweets and articles note problems with the ferry service during a February cold snap in the winter of 2014/15. Link to original article, and to the original tweet.

Swimming Coyote, Blockhouse Bay, Toronto Islands

Swimming Lessons

A member of the Parks staff, arriving at work at 6:44AM, caught this coyote swimming from Hanlan’s Point  to the IYC.  Photos by Kathy Gallagher: Click images to view larger.

Space shuttle mission badge quilt, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

Mission Quilt

NASA employees at the Kennedy Space Centre display a quilt in front of the Vehicle Assembly Building of every single mission patch dating back to 1981’s STS-1. Photo:  Michael Spooneybarger.

Bathroom destruction, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Building 60

Posted on behalf of Warren Hoselton via Francis Ford. From the original MyNeighbours message: “These photos of the Wards washrooms were taken on Thursday morning and sent to me by Warren on Thursday afternoon. As the Parks staff check this building every morning, this obviously occurred on Wednesday evening/night. If anyone has evidence that suggests […]