Trillium’s Last Stand II

Gordon Champion, one of the original architects of Trillium’s resurrection back in the ’70s, gives scale to Trillium at Toronto Drydock.
Toronto ferry Trillium in dry dock with Gordon ChampionToronto ferry Trillium self-feathering paddle wheel detail
Toronto ferry Trillium hull Toronto ferry Trillium self-feathering paddle wheel with worker for scale Toronto ferry Trillium self-feathering paddle wheelToronto ferry Trillium on barge Radium 604

4 Responses to “Trillium’s Last Stand II”

  1. What beautiful pictures Sean, as always I love looking at your web site.

  2. Mike Filey says:

    Thanks for documenting the 5-year inspection of this grand, old Lady (no disrespect meant) for future generations. The initial reports about Trillium’s condition are favourable, even after 107 years plying the waters of Toronto Harbour/Bay. Now if we could just get someone to authorize some surface paint & wood trim restoration beginning with changing 102 years to 107 years stenciled on the wheelhouses would be an obvious start. MF

    • sean says:

      Thanks Mike. I’d take a new deck on Inglis to start, it’s wetter inside the ferry than outside when it rains!

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