Ferry Ongiara in high winds, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands
Ferry Ongiara makes her way across the harbour with the winds gusting to 90Km/h.  By the time she landed at Ward’s, winds were gusting over 100Km/h, forcing her to stay Island-side for over an hour until the winds subsided enough for a bumpy journey back to the city.

That’s not fog by the way, that’s a haze of spray kicked off the waves by the wind.

One Response to “Whiteout”

  1. Bie Engelen says:

    Hi Sean
    I am seeing/reading this in Stellenbosch, South Africa.
    Surreal this whiteout, yet real huh?
    The afternoon is getting old, shadows long on the mountain range 10 km away.
    The vineyards on the farm are turning rusty. Winter–and hopefully blessed rain–is on the way.
    Go well and thank you – Bie

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