A Day in the Life

A day in the life of an underwater camera as a young northern pike, muskrat, and painted turtle cruise past in the lagoon’s murky depths.Northern pike underwater, Doughnut Island, Toronto IslandsMuskrat underwater, Doughnut Island, Toronto IslandsPainted turtle underwater, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

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  1. Laura says:

    Something HUGE chased me out of “trout” pond two weekends ago (about 9/6/19). The terns had gone and so I thought I’d explore the perimeter of the pond with my kayak–something I never do so as not to disturb the terns.

    If the entrance (second, farther one that’s open this 2019 season)is 6 o’clock, at about 3:30 over to the right I was in the thick weeds when a breathtakingly large wave (!) sped by my 17.5′ kayak bow. And then underneath, to the point I felt a sway, and again.

    At this point I’m all, “Okay, I’m leaving!” and trying to actively get out of those weeds. When I left the weeds and was at about 5:00 thinking this was over, another strong wave goes to the right alongside my bow and I booked it out of there.

    That huge turtle in the photo above/carp/beaver/yellow fin shark? 🙂

    • sean says:

      Obviously the extremely rare Ontario freshwater shark! Or, just maybe, carp. The do get quite large, and when they hang out in the shallows they can move a surprisingly large amount of water. I’ve had them whack my boat with their tail on more than one occasion, when I surprise them on those languid summer afternoons…

      • Laura says:

        lol Oh wow, I didn’t know the carp were a) that agro and b) that large–I’m never going to that area again! I did see an Osprey last weekend and hope to see him again this weekend. So the lagoons give the good and the wacky. Thanks so much for your photos!

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