Gala Weekend 2010

Shadowland fire reveal, Fire Parade 2010, Toronto Islands

Velo D’incendie

Shadowland’s car sculpture is reborn as a bicycle in the flames of the Fire Parade 2010 bonfire.

Distant Beast, Fire Parade 2010, Toronto Islands

Le Monstre Marin

Kathleen’s floating sea monster lantern, repaired after massive damage suffered in 2009, haunts the shores of Ward’s Beach during Fire Parade 2010.

Fire Herons, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Fire Herons

Kathleen’s wonderful heron lanterns light the way on Ward’s Beach for Fire Parade 2010.

Martha, Fire Parade 2010, Toronto Islands


Martha and Ivy hoop it up in front of the 2010 Fire Parade’s bonfire.

Fire performer, Fire Parade 2010, Toronto Islands

Faceful-O-Goodness & Overhead Twirl

Fire performers strut their stuff during the annual Fire Parade of 2010.

Asa burning car costume, Gala Weekend 2010, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

G20 Crew

The finalists await judgement during the annual Gala Weekend costume contest. Below, Asa looks fantastic as the G20’s fabled burning cop car.