Cold Snap

The sun sets on ducks swimming through thin ice, Center Island, Toronto Islands

Split Tones

Twilight descends upon a mixed raft of ducks swimming through fresh ice during a -22°C cold snap.

Bald eagle eating a cormorant morsel, Center Island, Toronto Islands

Down the Hatch

Another view of the Bald eagle dining on a cormorant down by St. Andrew’s.

Bombardier Q400 in front of super moon, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Bombardier Supermoon

The rarest of Toronto wildlife: a delivered Bombardier product. A Bombardier Q400 flies in front of the rising supermoon on final approach to Billy Bishop.

A snowy owl stares into the camera, Ward's Beach, Toronto Islands

Yellow Stare

Another view of the beautiful snowy owl that was haunting the end of Ward’s beach.

Frost flowers cover the ice in front of the Algoma Spirit, Eastern Gap, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Algoma Spirit

Frost flowers cover the ice in the Eastern gap in front of the Algoma Spirit.

Lake Ontario frozen to the Horizon, Center Island, Toronto Islands

The Frozen

Thin ice on Lake Ontario stretches to the horizon during a -22°C cold snap.

Sunrise over fresh ice in front of the Leslie St Spit, Center Island, Toronto Islands


The sun rises over fresh ice off the boardwalk during a -22°C cold snap.

Heavy steam rises above the break wall, Ward's Beach, Toronto Islands


Heavy steam rises above the breakwall at the end of Ward’s beach during a -22°C cold snap.

Duck fishing in front of Leslie St Spit, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Spit Steam

A lone duck fishes in the steam off of Ward’s beach during a -22°C cold snap.

Trumpeter swan flying over frozen Lake Ontario, Center Island, Toronto Islands

Trumpeter Blues

A lone trumpeter swan flies over forming ice during a -22°C cold snap.

Robin puffed up against cold, Ward's Island, Toronto Island

Round Robin

A robin puffs itself up to keep warm during a -22°C cold snap.

Beach covered in ice, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


Ward’s Beach is transformed into an alien landscape during a -22°C cold snap.