Lagoon Report II

Cloudy Toronto skyline detail, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Mischievous Cloudbank Detail

A detail of this panorama, of a spontaneous cloud that formed over the inner harbour then broke off to drift over the Toronto skyline.

Cloudy Toronto skyline panorama, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Mischievous Cloudbank

A spontaneous cloudbank forms over the inner harbour, then breaks off and drifts over the city, engulfing the Toronto skyline in an etherial layer of mist.

Black-crowned night heron, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Black-crowned Regality

A black-crowned night heron perches like royalty on a branch near Centre Island early in 2008.

Canada goose on nest, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Sitting Pretty

A Canada goose mother sits expectantly on her nest by the IYC, patiently waiting for the vegation to fill in around her.

Mute swan on nest, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Fortress of Solitude

A mute swan sits on her nest in the Spring of 2008, paitiently waiting for the vegetation to fill in around her.

Cormorant, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Yellow Menace

A cormorant, once a stranger to the Island’s lagoons, perches on a log next to Yael’s houseboat.

Robin, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Redbreast Return

Always a delight to see after a long winter, this was one of the first robins to return in the Spring of 2008.

Blackbird silhouette, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Silhouettes of Spring

Unseasonably high water levels in Spring made it possible to kayak in the wet meadow on Ward’s.  Amid the deafening cacophony of nesting blackbirds, this soon-to-be-mother posed in perfect silhouette on one of last year’s reeds.

Garter snake, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The Lidless Eye

Underneath a garter snake, lit like a spotlight in the low grass.