Lagoon Report IX

Toronto skyline ice panorama, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Black Ice Twilight

An inner harbour frozen solid in early February reflects the twilight hues of Toronto, as seen here between Algonquin and Snake islands. When doing this kind of shoot, it pays to have an extra battery kept handy in a warm pocket somewhere. Click image to view larger.

Black Ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Day Ice

Scrubbed clean by high winds, the inner harbour is nothing but black ice all the way to the city.

Ice Sailing, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Need For Speed

Turning the skyline into a blur, the ice sailboat prepares to break the sound barrier.

Bird Skull, Snake Island, Toronto Islands

Redtail Leftovers

An unidentified bird skull no larger than a quarter is all that remains of a red-tailed hawk’s dinner on Snake Island.

Chickadee, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Chickadee Light

A chickadee displays the fine patterns of a full set of winter feathers.

Redtailed Hawk, Snake Island, Toronto Islands

Leading Edge

Soaring high over Snake Island, a red-tailed hawk shows off the tail feathers that are its namesake.

Great Willow, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Monumental Willow

The Great Willow glows in the near-infrared, the sky turning almost jet-black under a cold January high pressure system.

Valentine Snowdrop, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Improbable Valentine

Be my valentine:  a snowdrop prepares to bloom improbably early in the season, on February 14th.

Great horned owl, Snake Island, Toronto Islands

Great Horns

A great horned owl auditions for The Exorcist in a tree on Snake Island.