Lagoon Report XVI

Bighorn Sheep, Parker Ridge, Alberta

Bighorn Gaze

On a completely Island-unrelated note, a bighorn sheep peers through its horns on a July trip to Alberta’s Icefields.

The G20 Fence, Ferry Docks, Toronto Islands

Home Sweet Home

“The Fence”, erected for Toronto’s G20 summit, essentially shuts down the ferry docks on the city side.

Toronto G20 skyline panorama, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

G20 Twilight

Marine security restrictions for Toronto’s G20 meeting leave the inner harbour completely empty on the eve of the summit, looking more like January than June.

Toad, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Old Man T

A toad relaxes on Third St., completely unperturbed by the various cats circling around it a wary distance.

Underwater lilypads, Trout pond, Toronto Islands

Wet Sky

Easily mistaken for alien tendrils attacking planet earth, lily pads float on the surface of the trout pond as seen from a remote camera on the bottom of the lagoon.

Blackbird chicks, Trout pond, Toronto Islands

Mother’s Eye View

Three blackbird chicks open up, mistaking anything that moves above them for their mother.

Blackbird chick, Trout pond, Toronto Islands

Gaping Maw

A blackbird chick opens wide for its next meal.

Feeding blackbird chick, Trout pond, Toronto Islands

Peeking Through

A remote camera catches a blackbird chick waiting for feeding, seen through its mother’s legs.

Mute swan cygnet, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Cygnet Scale

A protective mother gives scale to her tiny cygnet near Hanlan’s Point.

Common terns, Trout pond, Toronto Islands

Tern Return

Common terns check out this season’s nesting options, on the raft in the middle of the trout pond.

Backlit cormorant, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Silhouette Repose

A cormorant cuts a sharp silhouette, perched on a dead tree near Doughnut Island.

Great egret in flight, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Tuck and Stretch

A great egret stretches its wings, taking flight near Doughnut Island.

Great egret, Long Pond, Toronto Islands

Egret Spotlight

A great egret perches on a stump, caught in the spotlight of a late evening sun on Long Pond.

Running mink, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

At the Races

A mink clears the ground, running along the western shore of Algonquin island.

Raccoon, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands


A furtive raccoon, standing in the water, peers around a log in the July twilight.

Painted turtles, Trout Pond, Toronto Islands

Bumps on a Log

Painted turtles tie the ducklings with a score of five, in the “we can fit more on a log than you” category.

Mallard ducklings, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Ducks in a Row

Mallard ducklings prepare to go head to head with the turtles, in the “we can fit more on a log than you” category.

Mallard duckling, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands


A mallard duckling starts to look a bit ratty as its baby fur gives way to adult feathers.

Mallard ducklings, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

There’s Always One

A mallard duckling tentatively looks back, making sure that mother is still close by.

Mallard duckling, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands


A mallard duckling swims on the reflected colours of an Island June.

Muskrat, Trout Pond, Toronto Islands

Muskrat Snack

A muskrat chows down on a tasty tuber in the Trout Pond.

Carp, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands


An underwater camera captures a carp swimming through the algae-laden waters of high summer.

Mink on log, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Furry When Wet

A mink (Neovison vison) poses on a log near Doughnut island.

Mallard duckling, Algonquin Island, Toronto islands

Green Seas

A mallard duckling swims on the reflected colours of June.