Lake Ward’s IV

Flooded Snake Island and bridge, Snake Island, Toronto Islands

Snake Underwater

The bridge to Snake Island descends…to lagoon level.  The middle of Snake Island is thigh-deep, and is now the domain of carp and songbirds.

Biking through the flood along Cibola Ave, Toronto Islands

Sunfish Riding

Cyclists run the flood waters on Cibola Ave., between Snake Island and Algonquin Island at Sunfish Cut.

QCYC sandbag wall, Alqonguin Island, Toronto Islands

Thinnest of Margins

The thinnest of margins:  this is the edge between the QCYC and the inner harbour, no more than one bad boat wake.

Flooded disc golf course, Toronto Islands

Island Discourse

If you’re looking to play a round of golf, bring the hip waders:  much of the Island is underwater, and most of the course is completely flooded out.

Eastern gap breakwater underwater, Ward's island, Toronto Islands

Submergence III

The northern reaches of the Eastern gap breakwater are completely submerged by the floodwaters of 2017.

School bus running floodwaters, Center Island, Toronto Islands

School Boat

A school bus runs the flood waters by Sunfish Cut on the last regular day before the school was evacuated to the mainland.

Flooded Seneca Ave, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Seneca on the Edge

Seneca Ave lies underwater, sandwiched between regular sandbags and the larger 1 metre bags.

Flooded QCYC Clubhouse, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Infinity Pool

Sandbags create a perfect infinity pool in front of the QCYC clubhouse.

Flooded 31 Seneca Ave, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

31 Seneca

31 Seneca Ave reflects perfectly in the floodwaters of 2017.

Flooded Minivan, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Front Row Parking

A minivan sits parked in the floodwaters of 2017.

Cycling past floodwaters on Cibola Ave, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Inside Straight

Floodwaters have risen on the inside of Cibola Ave., while sandbags protect the outside from direct lagoon encroachment.

Welcome to Ward's Island sign with sandbags, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Welcome to Ward’s Island

Sandbags line the beach on Ward’s Island.

Ferry cancellation sign, Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, Toronto Islands

Island Cancelled

Destination boards show the cancellation of service at the Jack Layton ferry terminal.

Islander cycles past sandbags and swan, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Dividing Lines

The male QCYC mute swan just doesn’t see what all this flood fuss is about.

Firemen sandbag a sewage pumping station, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Thanks For The Help

Firemen sandbag a sewage pumping station, to help protect it not only from the rising flood waters but also from boat wakes that run right across Cibola Ave.  Never have the words no wake please had more meaning.