Once There Was Winter

Channel and Fifth after a heavy snowfall, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Snow Day

Tractor treads mark the sidewalk at Channel and Fifth St. after so much snow fell in 2008 that farm equipment had to be brought in to help. Click image to view larger.

Heavy ice on boardwalk, Centre Island, Toronto Islands


Trees coated in ice frame the Centre Island pier after a particularly heavy winter storm.

Waiting on the Maple City ferry, Toronto Island Airport, Toronto Islands

Airport Waiting

Sarah waits in the passenger cabin of the old Maple City ferry back in 2001, in the good ol’ days of going through the Airport when the Ongiara was out of commission.

Ferry Ongiara and winter steam, Inner harbour, Toronto Islands

Full Steam Ahead

The Ongiara sails into a steamy sunrise in -25°C weather.

Hardwater sailing, Inner harbour, Toronto Islands

Ice Blur

The ice sailboat goes through the sound barrier in front of Algonquin Island.

Skating on black ice, Outer harbour, Toronto Islands

Black Ice Reflections

Skating on the legendary black ice of 2005, between the Island and the Spit.  Will we ever see the likes of it again?

Fantastic ice sculpture panorama, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Internal Light

The small light on the breakwall at the end of Ward’s beach turns into a wonderful ice sculpture after a heavy winter storm. Click image to view larger.

Jimmy Jones clears the street, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Thoroughly Jones

Obviously unsure of the concept, the inestimable Jimmy Jones can’t decide which tool to use after a heavy Ward’s Island snowfall.

Kayaking in winter ice, Inner harbour, Toronto Islands

Icy Horizons

Playing in broken harbour ice under glorious January skies.

Old Ongiara door window, ferry Ongiara, Toronto Islands


Freezing snow clings to the wonderful (yet inaccessible) old wooden doors on the Ongiara in 2007.

Taking the schoolbus in winter, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Schoolbus Snowfall

Kids trudge to the schoolbus through heavy snow at Hanlan’s Point after ice conditions shut down the Ward’s dock.

Fantastical ice sculpture, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Ice Shrine

A winter storm turns a single lightbulb on a pole into a monstrous ice sculpture the size of a minivan.

Taboganning on the beach, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Ward’s Mountain

Taboganning on Ward’s Beach after a particularly heavy snowfall.  What could be better?

Broken propellor from ferry Ongiara, Ferry docks, Toronto Islands

Ongiara Prop 2

Blades from the Ongiara’s prop sit sheared almost in half by heavy winter ice.

Ice-covered bollard, Eastern gap, Toronto Islands

Ice Bollard

A bollard in the Eastern gap lies coated in ice after a good easterly wind.

View of the Cove from ferry Ongiara, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

Ongiara Gapping

An odd view of the Cove from the deck of the Ongiara, as some captain in 2001 takes her out the Eastern gap to open up an ice blockage.

Ice Dancing (timelapse)

Ice dances in the eastern gap in this roughly 1 hour timelapse, as the wind can’t make up its mind which way to blow.

Impending storm cancels church service sign, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Impending Storm

An impending storm cancels the winter solstice service at St. Andrew’s in 2008.

Ice sailing and ferry Ongiara, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands


Ice sailing under winter clouds on the frozen inner harbour, as the Ongiara sails past. Click image to view larger.

Kayaking on an ice floe, Inner harbour, Toronto Islands

Cool Place To Park

Perching on one of the last intact ice floes of 2004, looking for panoramic photo opportunities. Click image to view larger.