New Year's Eve sunset, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

FU 2020

Sunset on New Year’s eve 2020 over the Eastern Gap. A beautiful end to a tough year.

Phone booth at water's edge under stormy skies, Gibraltar Point, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Spare a Quarter?

A Bell phone booth sits at the water’s edge by Gibraltar Point under moody skies. Official Ontario provincial government satellite data shows the water 140 feet further out – a stark reminder of just how high the water levels are heading into 2020. Click image to view larger.

Long exposure aircraft trails over Toronto skyline, Wards Island, Toronto Islands

The Longest Night 2019

Aircraft streak over the Toronto skyline on the longest night of the year, winter solstice 2019. Click image to view larger.

Floodwaters reflect trees and the Toronto skyline after sunset, Olympic Island, Toronto Islands


Floodwaters reflect trees and the skyline after sunset. This is the scene from the middle of Olympic Island, where the water was deep enough to kayak clear across the island. Click image to view larger.

Flooded picnic area fire pit in front of Toronto skyline, Olympic Island, Toronto Islands

Island Picnic

Floodwaters completely consume a fire pit on Olympic Island.

Stormclouds over sandbags in front of ferry docks, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Sandbag Stormclouds

Stormclouds roll over the sandbags lining the lagoon between the ferry docks and the water taxi landing.

Flooded breakwater, Toronto skyline long exposure, Eastern Gap, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The New Normal

Floodwaters begin to rise above the breakwall of the Eastern Gap in 2019.

Melting ice balanced on groyne, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Balance of the Seasons

A mini glacier melts atop a groyne by the Centre Island pier. Click image to view larger.

Derrick barge T.H.C. 50 and the last bollard on the Eastern Gap, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Last Bollard

Derrick barge T.H.C. 50 has completed her work removing the crumbling portion of the eastern gap.  This panorama was shot on her last night moored just off of the cove.  Click image to view larger.

Fall colours on Fifth St., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Fireworks on Fifth

Fall colours light up Fifth St on a gorgeous November day.

Nature's Sandbox by Thelia Sanders-Shelton, Rogue Wave 2018, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Nature’s Sandbox

Nature’s Sandbox, a Rogue Wave 2018 installation by Thelia Sanders-Shelton.

Deconstruction of the breakwall, eastern gap, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Bollard No More

PortsToronto (née the Toronto Port Authority) has begun removal of the northern portion of the eastern gap breakwall.  Here the upper surface has been reduced to rubble, which will get moved to the south side of Tommy Thompson park.  You can view it prior to demolition here and here.

Lake Ontario frozen to the Horizon, Center Island, Toronto Islands

The Frozen

Thin ice on Lake Ontario stretches to the horizon during a -22°C cold snap.

Sunrise over fresh ice in front of the Leslie St Spit, Center Island, Toronto Islands


The sun rises over fresh ice off the boardwalk during a -22°C cold snap.

Heavy steam rises above the break wall, Ward's Beach, Toronto Islands


Heavy steam rises above the breakwall at the end of Ward’s beach during a -22°C cold snap.

Duck fishing in front of Leslie St Spit, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Spit Steam

A lone duck fishes in the steam off of Ward’s beach during a -22°C cold snap.

Beach covered in ice, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


Ward’s Beach is transformed into an alien landscape during a -22°C cold snap.

Frost flowers in front of the Rapids Queen, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Flowers for the Queen

Frost flowers adorn the ice in front of the Rapids Queen.

Eastern gap under heavy steam and frost, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Eastern Steam Bath

Steam and frost shroud the Eastern gap during a -25°C cold snap.

Ferry Ongiara in heavy steam, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Steamy Ongiara 2016

Ongiara sails into heavy steam during a -25°C cold snap.

Breakwater covered in ice, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Breakwater Dusk

Dramatic lake effect clouds shroud Lake Ontario as it freezes in -25°C temperatures.

Log Ness Monster entombed in ice, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The Log Ness Monster

Tyler’s Log Ness Monster lies entombed in ice at the end of Ward’s Beach, after a week of cold temperatures and high wind.

Ice sculpture formation, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The Forming

Waves break against the navigation light at the end of Ward’s beach in -20°C weather, building up layers of ice to form a new version of this previous ice sculpture.

31 Seneca Ave, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

The New Style

Twilight settles over the 2012 Toronto skyline as seen from the front lawn of 31 Seneca Ave.