Melting ice balanced on groyne, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Balance of the Seasons

A mini glacier melts atop a groyne by the Centre Island pier. Click image to view larger.

Beaver chewing branch in hole in ice, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Beaver Chew

A beaver chews apart a heavy branch from a hole kept open in the lagoon ice. Click image to view larger.

Full lunar eclipse at totality 2019, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Wet Meadow Eclipse

The moon approaches totality over the wet meadow during the full lunar eclipse of January 2019. The -35°C wind chill was an added bonus.

Bow spray on ferry Ongiara, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Maid of the Mist

Ongiara impersonates the Maid of the Mist as high winds drive spray over the bow.

High winds push waves over the Rapids Queen, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Queen of the Rapids

The Rapids Queen lives up to her name as high winds hammer her hull with giant waves.  At this point the docks lining the lagoon side have already been torn loose, drifting into the lagoon to wreak havoc there.

Waves wash over the breakwater in front of Bayview, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

When The Levee Breaks II

High winds push waves right over the armour stone in front of Bayview Ave., sending spray all the way back to the houses.

High winds in front of RCYC, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands


The inner harbour boils in front of the RCYC as winds gust over 100Km/h.

Ferry Ongiara in high winds, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands


Ferry Ongiara makes her way across the harbour with the winds gusting to 90Km/h.  By the time she landed at Ward’s, winds were gusting over 100Km/h, forcing her to stay Island-side for over an hour until the winds subsided enough for a bumpy journey back to the city. That’s not fog by the way, that’s […]

April flowers buried in ice crystals, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Ice Growth

Tiny April flowers lie buried under the ice crystals dropped by the last ice storm.

Toronto skyline long exposure over eastern gap, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


A long exposure turns the wind-whipped inner harbour to mist while April snow clouds scud overhead.

Ice formations on the boardwalk, Center Island, Toronto Islands


Incredible ice formations at the Center end of the boardwalk.

The sun sets on ducks swimming through thin ice, Center Island, Toronto Islands

Split Tones

Twilight descends upon a mixed raft of ducks swimming through fresh ice during a -22°C cold snap.

Bombardier Q400 in front of super moon, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Bombardier Supermoon

The rarest of Toronto wildlife: a delivered Bombardier product. A Bombardier Q400 flies in front of the rising supermoon on final approach to Billy Bishop.

Frost flowers cover the ice in front of the Algoma Spirit, Eastern Gap, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Algoma Spirit

Frost flowers cover the ice in the Eastern gap in front of the Algoma Spirit.

Lake Ontario frozen to the Horizon, Center Island, Toronto Islands

The Frozen

Thin ice on Lake Ontario stretches to the horizon during a -22°C cold snap.

Heavy steam rises above the break wall, Ward's Beach, Toronto Islands


Heavy steam rises above the breakwall at the end of Ward’s beach during a -22°C cold snap.

Beach covered in ice, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


Ward’s Beach is transformed into an alien landscape during a -22°C cold snap.

Map turtle covered in poplar fluff, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Fluff Camouflage

Apparently we’re not the only ones cursed with poplar fluff.  Even map turtles basking in the Doughnut Island environs are susceptible.

Toad immersed in poplar fluff, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Fluff Season

A toad on Third St. looks unimpressed at having to push its way through large piles of fluff.

Frost flowers in front of the Rapids Queen, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Flowers for the Queen

Frost flowers adorn the ice in front of the Rapids Queen.

Frost flowers cover the frozen inner harbour, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Valentine Flowers for T.O.

Frost flowers carpet the inner harbour all the way to the city after a -25°C cold snap.  Happy Valentine’s Day, Toronto.

Mixed ducks in open ice leads, Outer Harbour, Toronto Islands

Dividing Lines

Mixed rafts of ducks swim in open ice leads off of Centre Island.

Pancake ice in the Cove, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Pancake Cove

Pancake ice forms in the Cove during a -25°C cold snap.

Eastern gap under heavy steam and frost, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Eastern Steam Bath

Steam and frost shroud the Eastern gap during a -25°C cold snap.