Full lunar eclipse at totality 2019, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Wet Meadow Eclipse

The moon approaches totality over the wet meadow during the full lunar eclipse of January 2019. The -35°C wind chill was an added bonus.

Bombardier Q400 in front of super moon, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Bombardier Supermoon

The rarest of Toronto wildlife: a delivered Bombardier product. A Bombardier Q400 flies in front of the rising supermoon on final approach to Billy Bishop.

Venus and Jupiter conjunction with star and aircraft trails, Gibraltar Lighthouse, Toronto Islands

A Modern Classic

Venus and Jupiter swing together in conjunction past the Gibraltar Point lighthouse.  Together with star and aircraft trails, they form a unique ceiling of light over the oldest existing lighthouse on the Great Lakes.

Venus and Jupiter conjunction, Gibralter Point lighthouse, Toronto Islands

Light Sky

Venus and Jupiter hang together in conjunction off of the Gibraltar Point lighthouse, a light show that’s already fading as the planets drift apart.

Space shuttle Discovery and ISS over Toronto skyline, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Swan Song

For the final time ever, space shuttle Discovery appears with the International Space Station over the Toronto skyline.  Undocked from the ISS the previous day, Discovery and the ISS form distinct trails as the shuttle’s deorbit preparations increase their separation distance. This is a series of ‘stacked’ images, 5-second exposures laid over top of each […]

Space shuttle Discovery and ISS over pier, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Future Perfect

Capping a perfect mission and tracking southward, space shuttle Discovery (left) and the International Space Station (right) disappear into orbital sunset over the Centre Island pier, 16 hours before Discovery’s final landing at Kennedy Space Centre.

ISS and Discovery Over Toronto, Centre Island, Toronto Islands


The International Space Station, with a full complement of visiting vehicles from all participating nations, soars in orbit over Toronto at 7:02 P.M. This is a stacked set of eight images, the gaps in the trail are caused by the ~1 second delay between shutter actuations.