Full rainbow over Fifth St., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Pot O’Gold

A full rainbow arcs over Fifth St. after a brief, but intense, thunderstorm. Click image to view larger.

Floodwaters reflect trees and the Toronto skyline after sunset, Olympic Island, Toronto Islands


Floodwaters reflect trees and the skyline after sunset. This is the scene from the middle of Olympic Island, where the water was deep enough to kayak clear across the island. Click image to view larger.

Flooded firehall, 235 Cibola Ave., Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

235 Cibola

The lagoon floods Cibola during the Flood of 2019, creating a perfect reflecting pool for the new firehall.

Please do not walk on the sandbags sign, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Sandbag Seamus

Seamus walks past a sign entreating people to not walk on the sandbags lining Bayview Ave. They sure turn into a mess right quick if you do.

Melanistic and common garter snake, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Black & Tan

Common garter snakes, one melanistic, emerge from their hibernaculum in the early Spring. Click image to view larger.

Massive bonfire, Spring Equinox 2019, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Equinox 2019

Ringing in Spring in style down on the beach. Thanks again Alice!

Full lunar eclipse at totality 2019, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Wet Meadow Eclipse

The moon approaches totality over the wet meadow during the full lunar eclipse of January 2019. The -35°C wind chill was an added bonus.

Trumpeter Swan P24, Muggs Island, Island Yacht Club, IYC, Toronto Islands

Meet Molson

Meet Molson, more blandly known as Trumpeter Swan P24.  Molson was hatched at Wye Marsh as part of their Trumpeter Swan program two years ago.  All the hatchlings were named after breweries, hence the name Molson. Personally, I’m waiting for a flock of microbrews to migrate through at the end of the season.

Closeup of a pair of muskrats together, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Captain & Tennille

Muskrat Love!  A pair of muskrats dine together in the waters of Snug Harbour.

Northern Map turtle basking against deep shadow, Snake Island, Toronto Islands

Sidelight Stretch

A northern map turtle basks on the feet of the Snake island bridge.

Equinox Bonfire 2018, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Equinox Bonfire 2018

Another fantastic night on the beach, celebrating the spring equinox in true Island style.

A sign thanks the sandbag workers, Rectory Cafe, Toronto Islands

Thank You

A sign thanks the sandbag workers in front of the Rectory Café.

Saw-whet owl portrait, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Channel Saw-whet

A Saw-whet owl perches in a tree on Channel Ave.  Could it be the same owl that visited Fourth St. in 2016?

Advance lineup sign, Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, Toronto Islands

Wicket 9

We knew it was coming.  A sign directs both tourists and residents to the same ticket booth for scanning of prepaid fares, an untenable solution during the summer months.  The new ticket system includes about ten wireless hand scanners and five wired scanners, why only one wicket was operational is an interesting question.  Also interesting […]

Great egret closeup showing eye refraction, Snake Island, Toronto Islands


The eyes of a great egret sit far out on the sides of its head, enough to show visible refraction through the cornea.  The highlight on the lower-right side of the eye is light passing through, but not into, the eye. Click image to view larger.

Toronto skyline panorama during earth hour 2016, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Earth Hour 2016

The camera causes the Toronto skyline to glow deceptively brightly during Earth Hour 2016.  While it wasn’t obvious that many people turned out their home lights for the hour, it is the one hour a year where no corporate logos are lit.  Besides the CN Tower and Skydome being dark, the CIBC, Scotiabank, TD, Westin, […]

Please do not feed the Ongiara, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Ongiara Warning

A whimsical sign adorns the new fencing (aka ‘The Cage’) at the Ward’s Island ferry docks.

Sharp-shinned hawk backlit by setting sun, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands


A sharp-shinned hawk eclipses the setting sun near Sunfish cut.

Toronto skyline reflected in black ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Toronto Iceline 2015

Almost perfect black ice on the inner harbour reflects the Toronto skyline, lit by the incredible blue of a January day.  Get out your skates. Click image to view larger.

Mute swans sleeping on ice, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Where’s Waldo?

Mute swans snooze the afternoon away on the snowy ice off of the boardwalk towards Centre Island.

Island airport bus schedule, Feb 19 2015

Island Airport Bus Schedule

It’s enough to strike terror into any Islander’s heart.  Someday real soon now, we’ll look back at this and laugh. NOTE:  This is not necessarily the most current schedule.  This is the schedule as of February 19, 2015.  For further updates, don’t bother with the official Toronto ferry website, they can’t be bothered to update the schedule.  Lame. […]

CBC web article, Feb 15 2015, Toronto ferry ice issues

In the Media

CBC tweets and articles note problems with the ferry service during a February cold snap in the winter of 2014/15. Link to original article, and to the original tweet.

Boardwalk closed sign, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Boardwalk Closed

The ice storm makes the boardwalk treacherous, causing parks to ‘close’ it.

Mute swans fighting, Blockhouse Bay, Toronto Islands

Crystal Skies

A mute swan, fighting another male, sprays water far and wide during the struggle.