Wild coyote caught by camera trap, Doughnut island, Toronto Islands

Catch of the Day

A coyote crosses the old Doughnut bridge in the early morning hours, tripping the remote Coyote Cam for the first time.

Blind coyote eyes, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

First Coyote

A nearly blind coyote wanders the First St beach, and then swims a circuit of the Cove before disappearing towards the Eastern Gap.  Thanks to Michelle for the tip.

Coyote camouflage, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Blending In

A Coyote blends into the background colours of early spring, in the Parks yard by the filtration plant.

Swimming Coyote, Blockhouse Bay, Toronto Islands

Swimming Lessons

A member of the Parks staff, arriving at work at 6:44AM, caught this coyote swimming from Hanlan’s Point  to the IYC.  Photos by Kathy Gallagher: Click images to view larger.

Coyote, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

November Stance

A wild coyote strikes a pose in the late November twilight near Centre Island.

Coyote staredown, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Staredown on Brown

A coyote, blending in perfectly with the browns of early Spring, stares down the camera by the filtration plant.

Hunting coyote pair, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

The Coyote Times

A fleeting glimpse into the mysterious world of Toronto Island coyotoes: a remote camera catches a coyote pair hunting on the ice near Doughnut Island. Note: this is a compilation of several frames, showing them as the camera sees them. It is not a pack, it’s only one pair of coyotes imaged several times. Click […]

Coyote, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Conversations (audio)

[audio:9870-Conversations.mp3] The lonely call of a Toronto Island coyote on a still November night (919KB MP3). Note:  if the audio player doesn’t appear, click the title (Conversations) to view the actual post.

Coyote, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Wile E I and II

A late twilight, and unfortunately distant, encounter with a resident Toronto Island coyote who wasn’t very happy with the human interloper on its turf. These are thoroughly tagged as b-roll shots, it was far too late in the evening for any sort of useable light. Still, it isn’t every day that you kayak past a […]