Epic Sunset

An April storm system rolls through Toronto, leaving an epic sunset in its wake (click image to view larger).Epic sunset, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

5 Responses to “Epic Sunset”

  1. Peter Holt says:

    The time stamp, as I see it anyway, is wrong by multiple hours. Just sayin’… just a quibble… but it WAS taken at sunset… not long ago…. and not in the a.m. just sayin’….
    But wattashot, eh! Fantastic! Thanks Sean! Way2go!

    • sean says:

      Web systems are often calibrated to GMT, so time is correct as of Greenwich, four hours plus. Blame the Brits.

  2. Roger Pepler says:

    One of the most stunning photos I’ve ever seen, Sean. And I love the eerie, almost post-apocalyptic tone of if. I’m so glad you were there at that moment to capture this.

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