Meet Molson

Meet Molson, more blandly known as Trumpeter Swan P24.  Molson was hatched at Wye Marsh as part of their Trumpeter Swan program two years ago.  All the hatchlings were named after breweries, hence the name Molson.

Personally, I’m waiting for a flock of microbrews to migrate through at the end of the season.Trumpeter Swan P24, Muggs Island, Island Yacht Club, IYC, Toronto IslandsTrumpeter Swan P24, Muggs Island, Island Yacht Club, IYC, Toronto Islands

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  1. Jo Stevenson says:

    Molson and another tagged swan were just east of the Music Garden in Toronto today June 8th 2020, being fed along with some mallards by some people woefully.

    Thanks for this service. it is fun to know more about these graceful birds.

    Jo and Jim Stevenson

  2. jo stevenson says:

    I think the other tagged swan with Molson mentioned above is T24 and googling that, she that this swan had a pink bill and pink legs as a hatchling. The beak was definitely black now – didn’t notice a white streak.
    Could T24 be Molson’s mate?
    Jo Stevenson

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