Slider Damage 2020

Meet Chopper, a red-eared slider that I’ve been following for years. Chopper had an unfortunate run-in with a propeller, but is healing very nicely. Here’s Chopper back in 2018, and 2016. Click image to view larger.

Injured red eared slider turtle, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

4 Responses to “Slider Damage 2020”

  1. Laura says:

    Too many prop boats in those sanctuary/turtle areas. Glad to see he’s living his best life despite the injury!

    Have you seen more coyotes because visitors aren’t on the Island yet? I’m worried when that changes I’m going to have to ask one politely to get off my kayak. 🙂

    • sean says:

      We just had an incident with a lone person jogging at night. A pack of 4 or 5 coyotes/coywolves chased him up a tree. Thankfully he’s fine. With the decrease in human activity, the wildlife (turtles, muskrats, mink, beavers, and now turkeys) is moving forward into areas that they normally wouldn’t hang out in.

      • Laura says:

        Holy shirtballs. I’m so glad he’s OK. It’s great we’re giving wildlife a reset in their population—like I heard sea turtles’ undisturbed nesting areas are blooming—but yikes re:coyotes.

        Thank you so much for the beautiful photos and island knowledge!

        Can’t wait to see the birds again from my kayak. 🙂

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