Mating toads in front of Rectory Cafe, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Rectory Mates

Toads mate in front of the Rectory Café.  It’s a great year to be an amphibian.

Toad immersed in poplar fluff, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Fluff Season

A toad on Third St. looks unimpressed at having to push its way through large piles of fluff.

Toad in wall, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


An unlikely toad sets up shop in Barb’s garden wall.

Toad, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Old Man T

A toad relaxes on Third St., completely unperturbed by the various cats circling around it a wary distance.

Wet Meadow Action (audio)

[Audio clip: view full post to listen] The ponds behind Ward’s Beach have enough water to actually kayak through the beaver channels. If you haven’t heard our local toadsong recently, it can be a wonderfully alien sound (2.3MB MP3). Note:  if the audio player doesn’t appear, click the title (Wet Meadow Action) to view the […]