Canada Geese

Canada Goose goslings, Forestry Island, Toronto Islands

Babes in the Woods

Some of the first Canada goose goslings rest on the shoreline of Forestry island.

First cafe customers of 2017, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Café Customers

Canada geese line up in front of the Island Café for a quick shot of espresso.

Canada Goose on hidden nest, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Green Mother

A rare Canada Goose mother sitting on a nest pokes her head up through the greenery near Doughnut Island.  2016 has been a great year for ducklings, but we have very few goslings and absolutely no cygnets.  The total number of nests was down significantly this year, and the last (failed) mute swan nest was just abandoned […]

Canada Goose Tag XC54, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

New Bling

Canada Goose XC54 shows off her new neck tag, while sitting on her nest near Doughnut Island.

Canada geese in flight, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Birds of a Feather

A pair of Canada geese fly through the inner harbour in 2007 in perfect synchronicity.

Hissing Canada Goose, Snake Island, Toronto Islands

Taming The Dragon

A Canada goose warns unwary adventurers of impending doom if they stray too close to a well guarded nest.

Canada goose gosling, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

The Latest Addition

A rapidly growing Canada goose gosling poses on the cropped grasses of Centre Island.

Canada goose and gosling, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Learning The Ropes

A Canada goose gosling emulates its parent, learning how to feed and drink from the lagoon edge on Centre Island.

Nesting Canada goose, Olympic Island, Toronto Islands


A Canada goose nests in a safe, yet seemingly uncomfortable, location on a rocky breakwater off of Olympic Island.

Canada goose nesting in tree, Unknown Island, Toronto Islands

Watch That First Step

A Canada Goose nests in a most unlikely place, 14′ up in the hollow of a dead tree.  Normally they nest at the waterline, and the goslings start to swim almost as soon as they’re hatched. This particular brood will have to get creative to reach the lagoon once they hatch — Canada Geese can’t […]

Canada goose goslings, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

April Darlings

Some of the first canada goose goslings of 2010, seen here in early April.

Canada goose on nest, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Centre Mom VII

A Canada goose sets up shop in a planter on Centre Island’s boathouse dock.  Very possibly Lucy, her normal planter wasn’t available due to renovation work.

Canada goose gosling, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Sunset Isolation

Armoured Canada goose nest, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Nest Armour

The only armoured nesting site on the Island is always one of the first to be occupied in the spring by returning Canada geese.

Canada goose nesting in pot, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Lucy Décor

Lucy the Canada goose sets up shop on the dock of Yael’s houseboat. The planter wasn’t there for the 2010 season, so Lucy nested in a planter on the dock of the Boat House on Centre Island.

Canada goose and egg, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands


Early spring 2009, and a Canada goose inexplicably lays an egg on an IYC dock. Do they sometimes lay eggs before their nest is complete?

Landing Canada goose, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Touchdown Rain

A Canada goose touches down in a rain of suspended water droplets, near the IYC on the inner harbour side of their island.

Juvenile Canada geese, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Bad Hair Day II

Juvenile Canada geese begin to look a bit ratty as their fur gives way to feathers, just like these mute swan cygnets.

Canada goose on nest, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Nest Watching

A Canada Goose mother sits on a prime nesting site near Doughnut Island in 2007, rendered uninhabitable in 2008 due to high water levels.

Canada goose goslings, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Baby Train

Canada geese form a gosling train in the lagoons off of Algonquin Island.

Canada goose gosling, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Babe in the Grass II

Another deliciously cute canada goose gosling sits on the grasses of Centre Island.

Canada goose gosling, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Babe in the Grass

A Canada goose gosling rests in the grass of Centre Island.

Canada goose on nest, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands


Up close and personal with another expectant mother, here sitting on a prime (but busy) nesting site in the Hanlan’s Point straight.

Canada goose on nest, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Sitting Pretty

A Canada goose mother sits expectantly on her nest by the IYC, patiently waiting for the vegation to fill in around her.