Peacocks (wild)

Wild peacock portrait, Flood of 2017, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Peacock Blues

The escaped peacock, unofficial mascot of the Flood of 2017, has taken to roosting on Freya’s roof.

Escaped peacock portrait, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Not Just Another Pretty Face

An escaped peacock becomes an impromptu shed dweller on Willow Ave.  As if the Flood scenario isn’t strange enough already, waking up at 5:00am to the cries of a peacock ringing out over Ward’s Island puts the whole situation over the top.

Peacock in tree, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Sitting Pretty II

The “Doughnut Peahen”, who lived wild on the Island for at least two years, sits on a branch near Doughnut Island.  Where she came from is a mystery, neither the IYC nor the farm ever reported any missing.

Wild peacock, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Island Peacock

Underneath the “Doughnut Peahen”, sitting on a branch over the water near Doughnut Island. Not the sort of thing that you run into every day in a kayak.