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Northern pike underwater, Deep Pike Cut, Toronto Islands


A mature northern pike swims in the shallows, reflected in the surface of water less than 6″ deep.

Cooper hawk, South Island, Toronto Islands

Hidden Cooper

A Cooper’s Hawk sits hidden in the branches west of Snake Island.  A Cooper’s couple raised a family in the area in 2011, it’s nice to see them back again.

Hunting coyote pair, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

The Coyote Times

A fleeting glimpse into the mysterious world of Toronto Island coyotoes: a remote camera catches a coyote pair hunting on the ice near Doughnut Island. Note: this is a compilation of several frames, showing them as the camera sees them. It is not a pack, it’s only one pair of coyotes imaged several times. Click […]

Broken propellor from ferry Ongiara, Ferry docks, Toronto Islands

Ongiara Prop 2

Blades from the Ongiara’s prop sit sheared almost in half by heavy winter ice.

View of the Cove from ferry Ongiara, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

Ongiara Gapping

An odd view of the Cove from the deck of the Ongiara, as some captain in 2001 takes her out the Eastern gap to open up an ice blockage.

Horned Grebe, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Grebe Horns

A lovely horned grebe, migrating through, swims in the inner harbour.  Painfully shy, they were absolutely not interested in hanging out with the photographer.

Sunfish, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Island Iridescence

Glowing like a pet store tropical fish, a sunfish swims past an underwater remote near Pike Cut. Clarity of the lagoons is already dropping as the water temperature rises.  This b-roll image looks mottled due to air bubble contamination on the lens port, a common problem in summertime.

Yellow perch, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Back in School

A school of yellow perch float motionless in front of a remote camera, their numbers seeming to stretch to the underwater horizon. A B-Roll shot by all accounts, but I didn’t know that we have schools of perch this large in our lagoons.

Black-crowned night heron, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Coniferous Perch

One of the first black-crowned night herons to return to the Toronto Islands in 2011 perches in snug harbour in this distant twilight shot.

Feeding blackbird chick, Trout pond, Toronto Islands

Peeking Through

A remote camera catches a blackbird chick waiting for feeding, seen through its mother’s legs.

Running mink, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

At the Races

A mink clears the ground, running along the western shore of Algonquin island.

Black-crowned night heron, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Rude Awakening

Startled from its nap, an early black-crowned night heron waits for the photographer to leave so it can get back to some serious sleeping.

Beaver walking upright, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Missing Link

Walking upright out of the water, a Toronto Island beaver carries mud and vegetation in its arms to build a scent mound, territorial markers to let other beavers know that this area is verboten.

Great blue heron, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Early for the Party

An early arrival in March of 2009: one of the first Great Blues to finish its long migration north.

Diving Mallard Duck, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Diving Mallards (video)

Our local mallards have learned a new behaviour: how to dive. Normally a dabbling duck, the extent of their underwater activities usually stops at mooning passersby and picking up what they can reach under the water’s surface. Some local mallards, however, have picked up the ability to completely submerge themselves, just like cormorants. Captured here […]

Garter snake, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Leafmaster II

Even in late November, snakes can still be found on the warmer days warming themselves in the low sunlight.

Coyote, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Conversations (audio)

The lonely call of a Toronto Island coyote on a still November night (919KB MP3). Note:  if the audio player doesn’t appear, click the title (Conversations) to view the actual post.

Coyote, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Wile E I and II

A late twilight, and unfortunately distant, encounter with a resident Toronto Island coyote who wasn’t very happy with the human interloper on its turf. These are thoroughly tagged as b-roll shots, it was far too late in the evening for any sort of useable light. Still, it isn’t every day that you kayak past a […]

Beaver in winter surf, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Canadian Hero II

A Canadian epic:  a Toronto Island beaver hauls its catch through winter storm surge off of Ward’s Beach in the late January twilight. A definite B-roll shot, this is only of interest within the context of this photograph.

Great egret, Long Pond, Toronto Islands

Ground Effect

Wings outstretched, a great egret glides in ground effect by the IYC.

Great egret in flight, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Egret Flight

A great egret displays its fine wingtip feathers as it takes flight near Doughnut Island. Tagged as a b-roll shot, the angles in this photograph just didn’t come together.

Feeding great egret, Snake Island, Toronto Islands

Egret Ruffle

A great egret shows off its ability to stand every feather on end after swallowing a fish near Snake Island. Tagged as a b-roll photograph, this was taken far too late in the evening for any decent sort of light.

Malformed painted turtle, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Gimpy Returns 2008

A three-and-a-half legged turtle first photographed in 2006, surfaces again in 2008 in a different body of water, connected briefly during the high-water mark in spring. In 2006 I wasn’t sure how this fellow would do in our environment, happily it seems to be doing just fine. Tagged as a b-roll shot, focus and lighting […]

Mink underwater, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Proof of Concept

Hot on the heels of their newfound popularity from the front-page Toronto Star article, a curious Toronto Island mink checks out the experimental IceCam, underwater and under the ice near Snug Harbour. A terrible photograph by any stretch of the imagination, there isn’t much light down there, but an interesting portrait of our furry little […]