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Ferry Ongiara first docking of 2015, Wards Island, Toronto Islands

Oh Beautiful Boat

Ongiara makes the first successful docking of 2015 at Ward’s Island, on March 18.  This was a trial run without passengers, but heralds a potential return to service after four brutish weeks of commuting through the Island Airport.

Ice from winter 2014-15 finally melting, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

News from the Gap

Finally, some good news from the winter of 2014-15:  the Eastern gap is finally starting to break up.  

6 Third Street, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

6 Third St.

6 Third St. rests under a snow load after a February snowfall.

Ice formation, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Mother Ship

An ice shelf reaches towards the lake on Ward’s beach.

Kaya on the beach, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Special K

Kaya enjoys a balmy day on the ice at Ward’s beach.

Ice coated break wall, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Land’s End

Heavy ice coats the rocks on the breakwater at the end of the Eastern gap.

Frost flowers, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

Industrial Flora

‘Frost Flowers‘ cover fresh black ice in the Eastern gap, a phenomenon requiring almost complete stillness and cold air.



Shattered ice turns Ward’s beach into a glacial moraine, highlighted by a lovely ice arch.

Steam Frost, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Steam Frost

Steam coming off of the Eastern gap freezes onto overhanging trees, coating them in a thick layer of frost.

Ice floes and clouds, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Of Ice and Clouds

The sun sets on ice drifting by the Centre side of the boardwalk.

William Lyon Mackenzie in ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Ice Race

The William Lyon Mackenzie slams past Ongiara, after helping to clear the dock of ice.

Boardwalk closed sign, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Boardwalk Closed

The ice storm makes the boardwalk treacherous, causing parks to ‘close’ it.

Sundogs over the pier, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Dog Days

Sundogs appear over the Centre Island pier.

Perfect skating ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Skating Rink

Perfect skating ice, all the way to the city.

Swans on ice floe, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Swan Lake

Swans nap on an ice floe off of the boardwalk.

Ice covered beach, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The Great Wall

The sun rises on Ward’s beach, turned into a wall of ice during the winter of 2013-14.

Ward's beach in winter, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Winter Gateway

The sun rises on a snow covered Ward’s Beach.

Wards beach covered in ice, Wards Island, Toronto Islands

Mars Beach

The sun sets on Ward’s beach, unrecognizable under a thick layer of ice more like a glacier than a freshwater beach.

Second St and Lakeshore Ave, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Second & Lakeshore

Surveying the damage at Second St. and Lakeshore Ave. after the ice storm of December 2013.

First St and Channel Ave, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

First and Channel

Signs at the intersection of First and Channel, surrounded by broken tree limbs after the ice storm of December 2013.

22 Bayview Ave, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

22 Bayview Ave.

Major tree damage in front of 22 Bayview Ave., after the ice storm of December 2013.

Handcart covered in ice, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands


One of the new handcarts sits coated in ice after the ice storm of December 2013.

Great Willow, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Great Willow

The Great Willow on Ward’s looks a little the worse for wear after the ice storm of December 2013.

Lakeshore Ave, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Lakeshore Ave.

A sign for Lakeshore Ave is almost completely hidden from the street by ice.