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Ferry William Inglis in ice, Wards Island, Toronto Islands


William Inglis skirts the edge of the ice, approaching Wards Island in driving snow.

Ferry William Inglis in snow, Wards Island, Toronto Islands

Thank You For Visiting

Passengers wait in the snow to board the ferry William Inglis.

Ferry William Inglis in snowstorm, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Into the Unknown

William Inglis sails into a blizzard, departing Wards Island dock at 11:45am.

Well Blow Me Down

Strong winds turn normally placid Lake Ontario into pounding surf, completely inundating Ward’s beach. 3 minutes 35 seconds.  24.1MB MP4.

Old Ongiara door window, ferry Ongiara, Toronto Islands


Freezing snow clings to the wonderful (yet inaccessible) old wooden doors on the Ongiara in 2007.

Taking the schoolbus in winter, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Schoolbus Snowfall

Kids trudge to the schoolbus through heavy snow at Hanlan’s Point after ice conditions shut down the Ward’s dock.

Impending storm cancels church service sign, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Impending Storm

An impending storm cancels the winter solstice service at St. Andrew’s in 2008.

Dock Jumping, Gala Weekend 2011, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Gala Weekend 2011 – Dock Jumping

The ramp is back in 2011. Unseen for a few years, the MOFYC dock jump was back in action for Gala Day 2011. Jesse does a full Nancy K boatlength in the final image.

Bridge Jumping, Gala Weekend 2011, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

Gala Weekend 2011 – Bridge Jumping

Traditional bridge jumping from the Algonquin Island bridge on Gala Day 2011.

Women's Fascinators, Gala Weekend 2011, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Gala Weekend 2011 – The Women’s Fascinators

Some of the Women’s Fascinator 2011 challengers. Click panorama to view larger.

Kid's Fascinators, Gala Weekend 2011, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Gala Weekend 2011 – The Kid’s Fascinators

Some of the Kid’s Fascinators 2011 challengers.

Rick's Fascinator, Gala Weekend 2011, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Gala Weekend 2011 – The Guy’s Fascinators

The Men’s Fascinator 2011 challengers.

Shadowland's Chickens, Gala Weekend 2011, Ward's Island

Gala Weekend 2011 – The Parade

Shadowland’s parade and show in the field for Gala Weekend 2011.  Those stilted chicken costumes were just fabulous.

Atlantis STS-135 Rollover, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

Straight Up

A view of space shuttle Atlantis as she stops for the media during rollover from the Orbiter Processing Facility to the Vehicle Assembly Building.

STS-135 Atlantis rollover nose detail, Kennedy Space Centre, Florida

Atlantis Details

Some closeup details of space shuttle Atlantis during her final rollover reveal surprisingly complex surfaces.  Top: reinforced carbon carbon panels and tiles on the port wingtip.  Center: thermal blankets on the port OMS pod and covered RCS thrusters.  Bottom: nose details with RCC cap, TPS tiles, and thermal blankets.

Three-legged painted turtle, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands


Another view of this three-legged painted turtle from 2006.  What happened to its leg is still a mystery, but subsequent sightings in later years proves that it’s doing just fine.

Peacock in tree, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Sitting Pretty II

The “Doughnut Peahen”, who lived wild on the Island for at least two years, sits on a branch near Doughnut Island.  Where she came from is a mystery, neither the IYC nor the farm ever reported any missing.

Mute swan portrait, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

The Nose Knows

Up close and personal with a mute swan near Doughnut Island.  Anything but shy, this fellow eventually swam inside the minimum focus distance of the lens, making further photography impossible.

Joseph Muscat, Make Waves, Rogue Wave 2007, Toronto Islands

Make Waves

Details from Joseph Muscat’s Make Waves, installed in front of Sunfish Cut during Rogue Wave 2007.

Betsy Canfield, Frogs and Toads, Rogue Wave 2007, Toronto Islands

Frogs and Toads

Betsy Canfield’s delightful Frogs and Toads lurks in her garden on Third St. during Rogue Wave 2007.

Brad Harley, Triple Salchow, Rogue Wave 2007, Toronto Islands

Triple Salchow

Brad Harley’s Triple Salchow graces a tree by the Annex during Rogue Wave 2007.

Asa burning car costume, Gala Weekend 2010, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

G20 Crew

The finalists await judgement during the annual Gala Weekend costume contest. Below, Asa looks fantastic as the G20’s fabled burning cop car.

STS-133 SSME Stabilization, LC-39A, Kennedy Space Centre

SSME Stabilization

Space shuttle Discovery’s SSMEs (Space Shuttle Main Engines) stabilize after ignition in this sequence.  From left to right, the rough orange flame stabilizes to form a smooth blue flow, displaying the characteristic “Mach diamonds”, formed by the supersonic flow of the engine’s exhaust.